Is Dizziness a Side Effect of Lasik Recovery?

After Lasik surgery, is dizziness expected? What are some suggestions for recovery in the days after surgery to get used to the clearer vision?

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Dizziness is not generally a side effect of LASIK surgery.

Dizziness is not generally a side effect of LASIK surgery.  You should check with your physician to see if there are other reasons for your dizziness.

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Dizzy after LASIK LASEK

it is not common to be dizzy after LASIK or LASEK sometimes it takes a few days to get used to your new eyes and new vision if this persists I'd see your eye MD and ask for an AR or Manifest Refraction as you may have some residual or induced astigmatism causing persistent dizzyness but most likely it's nothing and will go away by 1-2 weeks!:)

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