Double Vision 2.5 Months After Lasik

2.5 months after Lasik operation, I am still seeing double and blurry image. Worst at indoor and at night. Doctor told me that it is due to poorer constrast and night vision. It might or might not go away. It happens in Lasik operated patients. However, so far I have not heard any of my friends having this problem. Would like to know whether it is true and how to resolve this problem. Cannot live with this condition forever. Thanks.

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Double and blurry images are not common after LASIK

In my experience, double and blurry images are not common after LASIK.  There are many different type of LASIK procedures and most complications are more common with the older technologies.

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Double vision after LASIK

I would encourage anyone having significant problems after LASIK which cannot be adequately answered by your surgeon, to seek a second opinion.  Double vision can be caused by a number of causes including a muscle imbalance, wrinkles in the flap, or a problem with the laser ablation.  Most of these problems can be fixed.  It is not enough to have a diagnosis of decreased contrast sensitivity.  That is a symptom and not a cause.  There are many excellent laser surgeons and I suggest that you seek one of their opinions.  In over 20,000 procedures, I have not seen double vision that could not be fixed.

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