Will Buttocks Exercises (Squats, Lunges) Help Increase Bbl Results?

I know to stick with light cardio and no dieting as this could effect fat grafted to that area, but if I am looking to perk up my gluteal muscles and legs only, would excercises such as squats, lunges, leg lifts, etc. enchance my bbl results? I like the thicker look, and I have a petite frame already, so I am definately not looking to lose any weight.

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Strength training after BBL

Strength training will give you better tone and enhance your muscle, so it's a good idea to do these. 

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Squats and Lunges after Brazilian Buttlift

Squats and lunges after Brazilian buttlift will only increase muscle bulk and definition, which is probably a good thing in most women looking to achieve a more projected, lifted buttock.  However, just make sure that the body fat percentage is held in check or you will lose some of the fat, as you have stated.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Gluteal Workouts and Gluteal Sculpting (Brazilian Butt Lift)

Lunges and squats with definitely strengthen and enlarge the gluteal muscles as well as your thigh musculature.  This can enhance your current body shape.

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Will buttocks exercises help increase results?

There are many exercises like lunges, squats, That will help you tone and define the muscles in your legs and buttocks, this will help you maintain and also increase your muscle definition and have better results. You can join a local gym, a personal trainer will help you choose a routine that fits your needs.

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