How Do You Dilute Dysport? (photo)

How Do You Dilute Dysport?

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Dysport Dilution

Both Dysport and Botox are prepared by adding sterile saline.  The dilution or amount of saline added is the physician's preference.   What is important is the number of units administered.

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Letting physician dilute dysport

Yes, you do have to dilute dysport and Botox. Your physician will dilute it with saline. The great thing about dysport is that it works really well over a larger forehead, due to the volume difference. Most physicians dilute with the recommended amount dictated by the manufacturer Medicis.

Jeffrey Adelglass, MD
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How do you dilute Dysport?

Dysport is diluted by adding sterile saline to the Dysport vial.  Once the saline is mixed with the freeze-dried toxin, the vial is rotated until the Dyport dissolves.  The Dysport is then refrigerated, and best used within 4 hours of mixing. Thank you and I hope this helps.

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How to dilute Dysport

Prior to use, Dysport, Botox, or Xeomin are reconstituted with sterile saline solution. The dilution and final concentration will depend upon the preference of the injecting physician.

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The dilution of Dysport is not as important as the total number of units used.

Dilutions of Dysport vary from 1cc per 100 units to 4cc per 100 units and sometimes more.  What is really important is the number of units of Dysport that is used in each treatment area.

Mark Taylor, MD
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Dysport Dilution

Slightly confused by your question, but I think you are asking what product is used to dilute Dysport? Both Botox and Dysport come in vials in a powder form. Sodium chloride is injected into the vial to make it a liquid and therefore injectable.

F. Victor Rueckl, MD
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Dysport is reconstituted with saline

Dysport and Botox are both mixed with sterile, injectable saline to make them liquids, so that they may be injected. In my practice, we use a 2 mL dilution, but this can vary (~1-5 mL) based on physician preference. The important thing to understand is that it is not the dilution but rather the number of units injected which affects your result. 


Dr. Mehta

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Reconstitution of Dysport.

Every provider has a preferred reconstitution amount for Dysport, Botox, and Xeomin.  In my office, we reconstitute Dysport with 3cc of sterile saline.


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Grant Stevens, MD
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