Difference Between Cheek Lift and Mid Face Lift

What is the difference between a "cheek lift" and a "mid face lift".

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These terms are not interchangeable.

A cheek lift is not a midface lift.  Surgeons who use the terms interchangeably do not understand midface anatomy.  A cheek lift traditionally refers to the lower third of the face and a midface lift refers to procedures used to lift the top of the cheek.  This distinction in important because very different surgical strategies are needed to address these very different areas.  The cheeklift is part of a standard facelift.  Certain cheeklifts do attempt to incorporate midface lifts but the results of this type of work is generally very unsatisfactory vectors of pull in the face and cheek.  If you are looking for help in the lower half of the face and neck, a lower facelift/cheek lift is what you need.  If your issue is under eyelid circles and hollows, these methods simple do not address your concerns.

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Difference beteen Cheek Lift and Mid Facelift

Although there are many different techniques used to do a cheek lift and a mid facelift , they are basically the same operation. Your question is a great opportunity to remind patients that they should clearly understand what will be done regardless of what it is called.

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Difference between a Cheek lift and a Midface lift

The terms Cheek Lift and Midface Lift are often used interchangeably.  However, the procedures to rejuvenate the cheek/midface can vary and each surgeon may deal with this area in different ways depending on the individual patient.  In most cases an incision is made in the temple and/or in front of the ear (a lower eyelid incision may also be chosen).  The skin and deeper tissues (SMAS - Superficial Musculoaponeurotic System) is often elevated and advanced upward and laterally.  Along with this cheek implants, fat injections or injectable fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm or Sculptra can be used to further augment the cheeks.  Any one of the above procedures, or any combination of them may be referred to as a Cheek or Midface Lift - check with your surgeon and make certain you understand exactly what they are planning to do prior to having your surgery.

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Cheek lift and midface lift can be one in the same

Most surgeons will use the terms cheek lift and midfacial lift interchangeably. Typical facelift procedures will focus on the lower face jawline and neck. Midfacial lift will rejuvenate the cheek and upper smile line. Procedures can overlap so be sure you understand what to expect from your procedure.

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Cheek lift ve midface lift

The cheek is a part of the midface so the two are synonymous.  A cheek lift or midface lift are the same thing.  Make sure your surgeon is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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Midface Lift vs. Cheek Lift

These two terms are often used interchangeably. The procedure consists of lifting the cheek region (the middle third of the face) back up to a more youthful position. The actual technique used to do this can vary widely by surgeon. Although the procedure refers to the cheek/midface, this procedure usually has a dramatic effect on the appearance of the lower eyelids. As the cheek region descends with age, the bony rim of the lower eye socket becomes more prominent leading to a hollowed-out look of the eyes. The midface lift can address this problem effectively


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Cheek and Midface Lifts Are Usually Similar Procedures

Lifting in the middle third of the face has been called both a cheek and a midface lift. Those are interchangeable terms for most plastic surgeons. But because they are interchangeable and sometimes different techniques are used, it would be important to ask your plastic surgeon what their version of a cheek or midface lift is and specifically what it is going to achieve...and what it is not going to do. This is a very confusing area for patients and there is a lot of room for misunderstanding.

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Difference Between Cheek Lift and Mis Face Lift

Most surgeons use these terms interchangeably. But for complete understanding it is best to ask for a in detailed explanation of your planned operation. The more information you obtain leads to as better understanding = informed consent. From MIAMI 

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Cheek lift vs midfacelift

the term cheek lift and midface lift may mean different things to different surgeons. A cheek lift alone could be done in conjunction with a lower eyelid lift(blepharoplasty) through the same incision. It could also be accomplished through incisions in the temporal scalp. these procedures typically provide improvement only in the upper face region. A midface lift could apply to a more agressive "mini facelift" or short scar  facelift which would involve incisions in front of the ear and into the sideburn area. This type of procdure has a greater effect on the entire face, improving both the cheek and the jowl area at the jawline and also the neck area, depending on the degree of the procedure.

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Midfacelift and Cheeklift

The terms Midface lift and Cheek-lift are sometimes used interchangeably.  The differing point is often in the approach used.  For example, a cheek lift can be accomplished in both a mini-lift and a Facelift utilizing a high SMAS technique; this also allows for contouring of the jowls and jawline.  A midface lift can also be performed through a subperiosteal approach which involves a deeper plane of dissection and is often performed along with a brow lift.

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