What Difference Between Ulthera Vs Regular Ultrasound Treatment(1-3mHz)?

what difference between ulthera vs regular ultrasound treatment(1-3mHz)? regular portable ultrasound is very cheap. so i wonder how difference.

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What is the difference between Ulthera and regular ultrasound?

Ulthera is focused ultrasound so that the sound waves meet at the dermal layer of the skin  with the superficial transducer and at the deeper connective tissue layer with the deeper transducer.  Regular ultrasound is not focused so that the sound waves do not meet.  It is the fact that Ulthera focuses the sound waves that causes the different layers to be heated which causes the tightening and collagen formation.  

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Ultherapy is focused ultrasound

High intensity focused ultrasound is designed to focus energy as opposed to unfocused ultrasound. 

You have to understand physics of ultrasound - as a certified sonographer myself, I can tell you that ultrasound energy will absorb at ALL levels when used in an unfocused level and most likely when not focused, will be absorbed by bony tissues in your face (attenutation effect).

Attenuation is either absorption, reflection or scatter of ultrasound wave energy. 

HIFU of Ultherapy focuses energy at 3 and 4.5 mm (sometimes 1.5 mm for eyelids) so that most of the energy is absorbed by the tissue to effect collagen stimulation and achieve skin tightening which is most evident at 6 months. 

I have ultrasound credentials from ARDMS for RVT and RPVI. 

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Ultherapy is not the same as diagnostic or therapeutic ultrasound

The ultrasonic energy in Ultherapy is deeply focused thereby creating heat in the dermis. The heat is enough to stimulate collagen production which does not occur with diagnostic ultrasound or therapeutic ultrasound energy.

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Ulthera versus regular Ultrasound


The reason Ulthera is able to achieve such great results with high patient satisfaction is the whole basis of the technology.  Low level Ultrasound is unfocused and unable to penetrate to the level of Ultherapy.  Ultherapy is micro focused ultrasound which is developed to go deep to certain areas of the skin and below to skin to lift.  Each transducer of Ultherapy is specific to the level you can go.



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Ulthera is microfocused ultrasound

There are some very important differences between Ulthera and other forms of ultrasound. The most important is microfocusing; it is like light focused with a lens. If you picture the difference between sunlight on a surface vs. a lens focusing the light at a specific point, you will get the idea. The nonfocused light will warm the surface, the focused light will create a much more intense effect. Ulthera is focused to specific depths in the skin to stimulate collagen regeneration, which is not going to happen to any significant degree with nonfocused ultrasound.

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