Can I Take Diet Pills 2 Weeks After my Breast Augmentation?

Within a year I lost 150lbs by these diet pills and after surgery i gain 20lbs from retaining water. Well I lost 12lbs of the water fluid but would like to lose the rest by taking the diet pills again. I got my surgery done March 6th which was a breast lift and augmentation. If anyone could help me i'd appreciate it!

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Ask your surgeon for their advice

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Please ask your surgeon about this, and bring your pills with you at the time of your appointment so s/he can check them out. Your recovery may be compromised by taking your diet pills.

It generally takes a few months for swelling to subside. Your body is good at eliminating swelling on its own, and you don't usually need pills to help you with it unless your surgeon prescribes them.

Diet Pills after Breasts Augmentation?

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Thank you for the question.

Assuming you are taking the “diet pills” under the supervision of an experienced and  reputable physician, there should be no problem with you resuming the medication.  Again, I would be more concerned about the safety profile of the medication  as opposed to the fact that you have breast augmentation 2 weeks ago.

Best wishes.

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