Developing Hard Lumps About 1 Week After Lipo, This Normal? (photo)

i had tumecent lipo done almost two weeks ago on my upper/lower abs, and love handles. when i went to my post op the next day.. I had NO BRUISING, with the exception of a lilttle bit on my lower back. it looked great and smooth. a few days ago i started noticing hard lumps ( they dont move) is this normal and will resolve in time, or do i have good reason to be freaking out , because they were not there initially. ?!!?

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Liposuction and firmness

Some lumps may be palpable after liposuction.  Often massaging the area gently will loosen them up. Over time, they should resolve.  Follow closely with your surgeon.

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Lumps after Liposuction

Don't freak out! Small lumps after liposuction are very normal. You won't fell them at first because of fluid buildup. As the fluid subsides, you are feeling swollen local tissue that I describe as firm cottage cheese. This will subside with time. Ask your plastic surgeon when you can perform some gentle lymph massage. I have created Karen B. Vaniver, MD, Breast and Body Recovery Serum (listed on Google) as a massage aid. It is all natural and scented with botanical lavender oil, which is very pleasant.

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Lumps after liposuction very common

Firmness and lumpiness are very common after liposuction of any type. If you are having skin irregularities it is possible that these were pre-existing.  It is the soft tissues normal response to trauma.  More than likely the swelling is better in the morning when you first wake up and gets worse throughout the day as you go about your normal activities.  Light massage is beneficial but in general it just takes time for this to resolve.  Look for it to remain about the same for the next three weeks and then begin to get better between the 6 th week and the end of the 3rd month.  Continue to wear your compression garment as instructed.

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Lumps after Lipo

Lumps after lipo most commonly occur on the abdomen. They last for about a month. We really don't know if massage helps, since they usually go away even without massage. They are a normal part of healing.

Focus on a healthy diet. Mainly drink water. Walking and other low impact exercises are good. If you focus on the things you can change, your liposuction results will be even better.

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Developing Hard Lumps About 1 Week After Lipo, This Normal?

The photos does not demonstrate the lumps. But start lymphatic massages and external ultrasound therapy. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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