I'm a man: How can I develop breasts?

I'm a man that has been wanting to develop my own breasts. I've always wanted to have breasts ever since I was 13. I'm not a wanting to become a woman. . I want to do it naturally. What herbs and vitimins can I take to help my desires? I'm 300 LBS. And still nothing. My weight is due to having my gall bladder removed. I've always had back problems all my life. Now that I'm 50 yrs old, and don't have to fear those that don't understand, and judge me for my looks.

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How to develop breasts naturally?

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The only way to "naturally" enhance your breasts if you are genetically male is to take estrogen supplements (they have other effects as well and thus you must consult with an endocrinologist). These may or may not work. Other than that there in no herb or supplement that will make any difference at all. Ultimately if you truly want female appearing breasts, then you need to undergo breast implant surgery.


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Developing breasts

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No OTC medicine increases breast size in Men ! Stay away from supplements that claim that they can do this- it is a scam. If it worked it would have been tested and FDA approved for this usage. The only medicine that might work would be for male breast enlargement caused by an endocrine disorder. You would need to see an endocrinologist for a work up if this involves you.

Develop breasts in a man

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Thank you for your breast implant question.

  • The herbs and vitamins will make no difference to your chest size,
  • You can consult an endocrinologist to see if estrogen hormones will lead to breast enlargement,
  • This however will make your appearance more feminine and will probably make weight loss harder
  • The hormones have other risks as well,
  • Otherwise, surgery with implants would be necessary. 

How can a man develop breast naturally?

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This is something that is not easy to achieve without implants however you can certainly increase the size of your breasts by taking estrogen.  Not sure if this can be accomplished, however, via a herbal remedy.

Developing breasts

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Many transgender patients gain a lot of weight and then lose it allowing their breast tissue to get big and soft.  Then, they usually go for breast implants.

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