Dermal Filler in the Chin, Which Type Is Best, And Is There The Risk Of It Becoming Lumpy?

I am interested in having dermal filler in the chin, i was looking into chin implants but dont think my chin is bad enough to go through that. Naturally i have a small jaw and chin and it is weak but I really think dermal filler will work as its not as bad as alot I have seen. Is there a specific filler that you recommend for the chin? Can it go lumpy and move around,Is it safe? Does it really look as good as it looks in the photos or are they touched up?

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A well-performed Injectable Filler treatment may increase the projection of your chin.

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You ask a good question regarding the utility of Injectable Fillers for non-surgical chin augmentation. Over the last year, I've performed around a dozen injectable chin procedures with Silikon-1000, an off-label filler for permanent results. Results have been favorable to date. Most patients require several treatments, and results have been subtle compared to a traditional silicone chin implant. Lumpiness has not been an issue.

I hope this is helpful for you.

Regards from NJ.

West Orange Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Fillers in place of a chin implant

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Fillers are in fact, an implant and most of the current fillers last about one year.  Some fillers have greater "lift" than others, this is known as G prime.  The filler with the most lift today and which works very well in the chin is Radiesse.  It is injected fairly deeply, and should be gently massaged by the injector so that it is sculpted into place.

Stephen Mandy, MD
Miami Dermatologic Surgeon

Chin filler

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Fillers can be used to fill soft tissue defects and most are temporary. If you want some augmentation fo the chin, a filler can certainly be used. Any filler can cause lumps if not massaged in or evenly injected.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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