Can I Use Different Dermal Filler After 1 Month?

Hello, I did Revanesse dermal filler on my cheek 5 weeks ago. I went for retouch two weeks after that, at the beggining after the swelling all gone, it was amazing and I wish my cheek stay like this forever. Now it is been 3 weeks and I feel like I barley did something and I still need more . Can use different kind of dermal filler ? Revanesse gave me bad allergy pain and dramatic swelling that lasted few days. I am working and I can't have more than weekend to stay home. Please advice.

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Different Filler after One Month in Cheek

  You could use another HA filler or Radiesse in the cheek, or you could consider fat grafting to the cheek as a more permanent solution.  This would involve transfer of your own fat to the cheek areas.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Can another dermal filler be used after Revanesse?

Revanesse is a hyaluronic acid gel filler which is temporary.  It is possible that you could use a different dermal filler with longer lasting results three weeks after your last Revanesse treatment.  Your options would be using more Revanesse to try and get more volume in your cheeks or to switch to another filler.  The other options for FDA-approved fillers in the U.S. would be Radiesse, Sculptra or Artefill.  One other option would be using fat.  I would return to your injecting physician and discuss your options and see if another filler might give you better results.   

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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Can I Use Different Dermal Filler After 1 Month?

 Yes, you can mix and match the types of fillers used for facial augmentation.  This should not pose any issue.

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