Dehiscence of Abdominal and Breast Wounds Following Diep Flap Surgery and Possible Link to Ehlers Danlos Syndrome?

Wounds started dehiscing at 2-3 wk post op.Told to Silvadine all wounds but ab eventually had to be packed. I'm 9 wks post op.Ab wound is 3 cm deep and 1 in long today, Was 3 in. prior..2/3 of right breast incisions had separated. I have history of adhesive allergies even with paper tape which has caused additional scarring. My daughter was diagnosed with EDS and genetic dr said that I was also suspect .Could this be my problem and are there precautions for stage 2 reconstruction to consider?

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Wound problems

Ehler Danlos syndrome is a genetic disease that affect all connective tissue and collagen formation. Therefore it does affect the wound healing. Plastic surgeon are weary of doing any elective surgery on patients with EDS.becausethey do not heal well.

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Abdominal wounds and diep flap surgery

Fortunately it is relative rare to have large open abdominal wound following diep flap surgery.  Obesity, diabetes, and smoking can increase this risk.  Regarding your risk for revision surgeries you may be at increased risk.  Your geneticist may be able to address if you have genetic risks (EDS) otherwise it might be due to the factors I discussed above.

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Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Wound Healing

I would recommend that you undergo testing for EDS.   If you have the disease, this is a significant problem, as your wound healing wil be significantly impaired.  The risk would be high for wound healing issues in further surgery.   

In the meantime, I recommend close followup with your plastic surgeon and meticulous wound care.

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