Care of Implants After Swapover from Expander. Can I Go in Water?

I am in the middle of a breast reconstruction, and am having my expander swapped over for the implant on the 13th June. We are booked to go on a cruise on the 1st July. I plan on taking it easy, but was wandering if I will be able to get in the water while we are at some of the tropical islands. I am guessing I will not be able to actually swim, but would love to be able to get in the water to get wet, keep cool and have some fun. Do you think it will be OK with 2 1/2 week old implant???

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Swimming is not recommened

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Swimming is not recommended for at least 3 weeks, but preferably 6 weeks would be ideal. It is important to allow everything to heal properly so you do not risk getting an infection.

Swimming after implant exchange

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I would recommend no swimming until after 3-4 weeks after your implant exchange surgery.   You don't want to damage or tear open your incision or cause bleeding.  Having said that, you need to ask your PS what his/her exact recommendations are.  Best of luck!


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