I have deep overbite. Can braces correct my teeth? (photo)

I'm Abby, I'm 14. My Cosmetic Dentist said that Braces won't fix my Teeth or else my Jaw will be dislocated. It is true?

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I have deep overbite. Can braces correct my teeth?

You have a deep overbite and a large overjet. These are both the result of an underdeveloped upper dental arch. You will need to develop both your upper and lower dental arches (using orthopedic appliances, not braces). You will then need to bring your lower jaw forward (with surgery or a functional appliances) and then you will need to straighten your teeth (best done with conventional braces in your case).

DO NOT allow anyone to extract upper bicuspids and retract your upper front teeth; you will forever regret this type of treatment.

Good luck!

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Most likely

Conventional orthodontics should be able to alleviate your deep bite and crowding.  Special appliances may be necessary.  Orthognathic Jaw Surgery may also be required if orthodontics alone is not able to correct this.  Seek the advice of an orthodontist

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