I've Had a Hidrolipoclasia Done in Colombia, Its Like Smart Lipo but with Tumescent Technique? (photo)

So the thing is i did this for belly and legs. they inject a solution that is adrenaline and lidocaine and salty water for same osmolarity. They leave it in you for 10 min and then use the lipotechnique and suck it out again, there only comes out little fat . now its been 10 days and i'm seeing some results. They've told me i should wait to check results until 3-4 weeks have passed. does somebody has some experience with the same procedure? when to exercise? what do you think of the pictures?

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This sounds like something performed by a non-plastic surgeon!

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I think you should check the credentials of the doctor who performed this procedure; I suspect s/he is not an American Board of Plastic Surgery-certified plastic surgeon, particularly since you had the procedure done in Columbia. BTW, your questions about activity should have been something covered by your surgeon.

Of course, results always take time to become evident as swelling resolves and healing goes forward (even with real plastic surgery performed by ABPS-certified plastic surgeons), but fortunately for your doctor, your return home precludes having to answer questions about results. I don't see much change other than photographic technique.

Surgical tourism is usually a bad idea, often a disastrous one. Fortunately for you, you are alive and seemingly well, so I hope you had a nice trip and this "procedure" didn't cost too much. I anticipate very little long-term improvement if any at all. (Hydrolipoclasia simply means injection of intravenous saline into the fat, perhaps with some type of indeterminate external massage, ultrasound, or RF procedure, and perhaps removal of the saline as you describe. It could just as easily have been left there to absorb. As you stated, very little fat came out. And the rest of the fat magically stays there.) Sorry. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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I've Had a Hidrolipoclasia Done in Colombia, Its Like Smart Lipo but with Tumescent Technique?

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A goggle search shows this to be local anesthesia preformed external ultrasonic liposuction. Results are very unpredictable. 

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