Does Endermologie Make Cellulite Worse Before It Makes It Better?

I have had Endermologie before but I was unhappy with the service and had no results. But a therapist I know told me that the old therapist did not administer the treatment correctly and she also added that the cellulite area will get "soft" and will appear worse before you will notice improvement. Is this true?

I am considering Endermologie for the butt don't wont to be disappointed again. Please give me a second opinion. I don't want my cellulite to look worse and stay that way. The therapist has a good track record but I'm scared. Please help!



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Endermologie for cellulite

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No treatment for cellulite gives a permanent result. Both Endermologie and Velashape can provide many people with good temporary improvement.  There is always a chance that you might get some temporary inflammation from the procedure which could make you look a little more swollen in some parts.

Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Butt Endermologie is not effective - go for the Sciton SkinTyte BBL

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For a technique or procedure to be viewed as "effective" it needs to produce effective results in all patients when performed by more than few "gifted" practitioners. There are multiple techniques in Plastic Surgery which appear to work well only in the hands of a few surgeons and the results are quite disappointing in the well-trained hands of other surgeons.

I have used Endermologie years ago and found it to be no better than a vigorous massage. Period. I know the company has glossy brochures with many attractive thighs and rear ends but I am of the opinion that had this treatment been THE cure for cellulite - the expensive search for a cure would have stopped a long time ago, in the early 1990's.

Depending on the amount of cellulite of the butt, I would recommend you find a Plastic Surgeon in South Africa who uses Sciton's BBL device with a SkinTyte platform. Using 4-8 painless treatments, light flashes are used to heat the skin causing skin shrinkage and collagen depositions which would give you a MUCH tighter and better result.

Good Luck.

Dr. P. Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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