Dark Around the Nipples After Tattooing

I have had a breast reduction surgery and later on the tatooing was done around the niples...I wished it to be lighter than the actual aerola color but it came darker...what can I do now?..It looks like a "visible darker circle"...I would not mind to have even the whole aerola lighter, but at least I would like to have this the same color as the niple or lighter.

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Breast reconstruction and areola tattooing

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if the areola does not lighten on its own over several months to one year after being done, then you could try laser to lighten the coloration which may be more effective than trying to retattoo with a lighter pigment on top of the untreated darker pigment.  If the laser tattoo removal helps lighten the color but creates a less than ideal homogenous result, you can then retattoo.

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Areola Tattooing

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A natural, non altered areola is lighter than the nipple, so I understand your concern.  I am not sure when you received the areolar tattooing, but most of the time the pigment does fade.  The medical grade tattooing is not performed as deeply in the skin as a normal art tattoo which makes it more susceptible to lightening.  Give it about six months and if you are still not happy then return to your surgeon. I hope this helps you.

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