Belotero vs. Restylane - Is it true that bolotero lasts only 6 to 7 months under eye? And Restylin lasts close to two years?

Is it true that bolotero lasts only 6 to 7 months under eye? And Restylin lasts close to two years? I have never gotton any work done but looking at my options will fly to different state if find a right doctor

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Belotero vs. Restylane in the tear troughs

There have not been any head to head studies that I am aware of comparing the longevity of Belotero versus Restylane in the tear troughs.  After hundreds of tear trough injections with both Restylane and Belotero over the last several years, I believe anecdotally that Belotero does not last as long as Restylane -- part of the reason for this is that Belotero does not come with lidocaine so many doctors will dilute the restylane with a small volume of lidocaine for increased comfort.  Now that we are using microcannulas for tear trough injections (the only way one should ever have tear troughs injected), I have not been diluting Belotero anymore so this may lead to a longer lasting result.  

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There are no studies but I do believe Restylane last longer than Belotero

My experience is that Belotero last less than Restylane.  The exact longevity is always asked and it is a very difficult question.  It depends on area placed and your body's metabolism.  I estimate that you will get 9-12 months with Belotero around the eyes and maybe a few months more with Restylane.  Belotero will give less swelling and less risk of Tyndall effect.  Use cannulas for this!

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No Scientific evidence of longevity

There is really no science that I am aware of  that backs up the premise that Restylane lasts longer than Bellotero 

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Restylane and Belotero filler for under-eye hollows

Restylane and Belotero are both hyaluronic acid fillers for improving the under-eye hollows. In the hands of an experienced physician who understands anatomy and aesthetic considerations, they both create a softening of the under-eye hollows, which so often are the cause of looking tired and aged. They have different characteristics, however. 

Restylane is more "structural" and provides good lifting when placed in the deepest area of the hollow. If it's placed too superficially, it can create a bluish appearance that isn't helpful.

Belotero is a "softer" filler suitable for more superficial placement because it flows well under the thin skin of the under-eye area. It doesn't show as a bluish color under the thin skin.

I use both fillers and take advantage of their differing characteristics to create the best look depending on each person's needs and goals. Restylane probably does have greater longevity, but that isn't the only reason for selecting a product. I will frequently "mix and match" the fillers to create the most harmonious appearance.

Always seek a physician to do your treatments, and ask about his/her philosophy about why s/he is recommending a particular treatment option.

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Belotero and Restylane for tear troughs - Buffalo Niagara, NY

Belotero, Restylane and Juvederm are HA type facial fillers and as far as I know, there are no RCTs comparing one to the other in terms of duration of efficacy. 

What is known emperically is that areas where HA fillers are injected, such as tear troughsvthat are less prone to movement than corners of the mouth, lips, marionette lines, the HA fillers last longer in the same individuals. 

Of course, genetics as well as body metabolism and smoking play a significant role in how long HA fillers last in any particular individual. 

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Belotero vs. Restylane under eye area

In a non-dynamic (not much movement) area such as the under eyes, most fillers usually last roughly 12-14 months. Individual fillers brands have different longevities in any given patient and vary widely, so I would recommend trying either Belotero® or Restylane® injected by an experienced board-certified Aesthetic Dermatologist to see which brand is best for you.

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Belotero versus Restylane for Tear Troughs

Belotero and Restylane both have advantages for the tear trough.  Belotero has little risk of the Tyndall effect and is ideally suited for the under eye area.  Restylane is injected deeper and tends to last a little longer.  The product used also depends on the depth of the tear trough that needs injection.  There have been no studies comparing the longevity of both of these products in a single study.  For the best cosmetic results please consult a board certified dermatologist with a great deal of experience with tear trough injections.

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Belotero vs. Restylane

While I am not aware of any head to head scientific studies between belotero and restylane, I do believe that restylane will last much longer. Consult with an experienced and expert master injector who can provide you a variety of options.

Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS
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Under Eye Treatment

Both products are Hyaluronic Acid based, and generally last 6-9 months but can last longer depending on how your body absorbs the product.

Undereye hollows are a very common concern for many people of all ages. This is one of the most popular procedures in my office. Currently I like to inject Restylane into the hollows of my patients. I find that it causes less swelling than Juverderm and gives better correction than Belotero, but each physician has their own preference.

Consult with a Board Certified Dermatologist to see if this which filler is best for your concerns.

For more information on Restylane under eye treatment click link below:

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Belotero Versus Restylane

In essence they should last the same amount of time.  I am finding that Belotero lasts a little shorter time period only because it fully integrates into the tissue and doesn't have lift capacity the other fillers do.  It works to flatten out wrinkles very well especially superficial ones.  Without photos it is hard to tell which filler is best for you.  I suggest a formal consultation with a cosmetic dermatologist or plastic surgeon with experience using fillers.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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