Will Daily Use of the Sauna Remove Radiesse Injections from my Cheeks?

I had radiesse injections in my cheeks and I am concerned that daily sauna use will desolve the injections sooner than I would like. Will sauna have an effect on the injections?

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Radiesse will unlikely be affected by daily Sauna.

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I do not believe that daily sauna treatments will affect your Radiesse at all.  Tissue temperatures needs to reach a very hot uncomforatlbe local temprature thought to be well over 42 degrees centigrade to significantly affect tissues.  This is how most tissue tightening procedures work.  The sauna will heat your whole body but will not approach temperatures where you have Radiesse to change it at all.

Salt Lake City Dermatologic Surgeon
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Sauna use doesn't dissolve Radiesse

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Enjoy your sauna! It should have zero effect on your Radiesse. It should last about 12 months with or without the sauna.

Daniel J. Ladd Jr., DO
Austin Dermatologist

Sauna and Fillers

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It is not likely that a sauna would effect Radiesse or any other filler for that matter. Only if the temperature was hot enough to burn the skin might there be a problem.

Radiesse is a synthetically manufactured calcium crystal, and in reality is a ceramic. Heat at body temperature will not affect it.

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