Possible Cyst on scrotum? Cost to remove? (Photo)

One year ago, I removed what I thought to be an ingrown hair from the center of this growth. The lighter circular area on the bottom-right corner of the growth is the exact point where the hair was removed. The growth seems to only be attached here because I can it move the freely, under my skin, around this point. What treatment would be more cost effective; removal by surgery or medication? How much would either cost?

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The only way to remove the cyst would be

surgical excision...a simple, in-office procedure that should last no more than 10-15 minutes...simple and safe but can't exclude the likelihood of another cyst forming at the same or different site...the cost is highly variable ranging from less than $200 to considerably more than $500 depending on the city, the type of doctor and the setting...I'd make certain to have it done in a medical office and not with an anesthesiologist...

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