Eyebrow transplant brows are very different shapes, is this normal?

Had an eyebrow transplant one week ago. I realize it's too early for results but the shapes are completely different. One eyebrow is much shorter and arched and it looks odd at times. Swelling has subsided so I don't think Its due to that. One week out I have bloody, crusty scabs which makes it even more distracting. My grafts are very short, almost spikey, with the scab over it like a little red dot. Again, just looking for assurance on what's normal. It's got me a little nervous.

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Eyebrow transplants

Now that it has been 3 months since you first made this point, I would love to get an update from you to see if you are still seeing the same results. Eyebrow transplants are actually a very specific procedure that really takes a keen artistic eye to be able to harmonize your eye brows with your eyes, as well as being able to place the grafts at the exact angle to blend with the rest of the hair and replicate the original growth. 

If you are still unsure about your results it never hurts to follow up with your doctor and let them know. 

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Eyebrow Transplant Artsitry

You will need to discuss with your surgeon your concerns. Each surgeons approach eyebrow transplant is different. Eyebrow transplant surgery requires tremendous artistic ability as well surgical ability to achieve superb result. Eyebrow shape, hair angulation, graft care and proper placement of grafts are all important aspects of successful eyebrow transplant. 

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