Am I developing an issue 11 weeks post-op breast implants? (Photos)

My right breast has been bothering me for 2 weeks now. Very tight feeling and almost like it's pulling towards my armpit/side. I have an appointment on the 7th. Wondering if I should be concerned. Also not happy with the size of the implants. Was a 34a and went with 300cc mod profile implants and still feel small. Thinking maybe a revision to 375cc

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Concern due to breast tightening.

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All patients form a scar capsule around their implants but this scar should remain soft and supple.  Your description indicates yours may be tightening, which is called capsular contracture.  Your surgeon should be made aware of this and would be able to definitively tell you, based upon an examination.  Correction may be discussed as well as moving to a larger implant at the same time.  Good luck.

Feeling of tightness following breast implants

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You may be developing a capsular contracture, but this is not a cause for concern unless it becomes bad enough to give you problems. Everyone develops a capsule around the implant (grade 1). In some patients the capsule may become thick and contract resulting in a feeling of tightness. You may start feeling it (grade 2), it might change the shape of the breast (grade 3) or give you pain (grade 4). You do not sound like you have these problems. 

As for the size of the implants, you need to be examined in person to determine what would suit you best. When choosing an implant, the surgeon is guided by what the patient desires. It is then essential for the surgeon to examine you, take some measurements and recommend what would suit your body. You breast base diameter determines what size implant you can have and how big you can go, and yet look natural. Although, various morphing softwares can help give you an idea of what your augmented breasts might look like, it is important for you to try sizers in garments to help you get a 'real' 3D feel and also give you an idea as to what it would feel like to carry that extra weight. The Biodynamic breast analysis system is an excellent method of helping patients choose their implants.

Your breasts will have a naturally augmented look if you select the right implant. A natural aesthetic breast tends to have a gentle slope in the upper part, peaking at the nipple and a rounded lower part of the breast. This can be achieved by using a natural shaped or anatomical shaped or tear drop shaped implant. These are implants that taper towards the top (towards your collar bone, on your chest) and are fuller at the bottom (towards your abdomen), giving the breast a more natural shape. A large implant can result in a rounded appearance in the upper pole, rather than a gentle slope. But if this is what you desire, then this is what you may need to go for.

An anatomical profile or tear drop profile or shaped implant can potentially rotate, but this is dependent on the technique and when properly done, this is not usually an issue. On the other hand, round implants are uniformly round and full in all directions, so rotation doesn't affect the shape of the breast.

Whilst it is nice to have larger boobs, it is equally important for them to look as natural as possible. As a general rule, the larger the implant, the harder it is to hide them. One should also take in to account the weight of the implants. The larger the implants, the heavier they will be and this can have adverse effects on your breast envelope. The breast can end up being droopy with a stretched skin envelope in future if the implants are heavy. This may necessitate reducing the volume of the implant and doing a breast uplift procedure in future.

Am I developing an issue 11 weeks post-op breast implants?

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Thank you for your question.  Your description of tightening discomfort and elevation of the implant raises a concern about capsular contracture or scar tissue forming around the breast implant.  It is important that she see her plastic surgeon for an examination and if you have a capsule to discuss correction.  If you do need a revision larger implants can usually be placed.

Concerns after breast augmentation surgery.

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Based on the description of concerns, I would be concerned that you are developing excessive scar tissue around the breast implant (encapsulation).  Your plastic surgeon will be in the best position to advise you in this regard.  If revisionary breast surgery is decided upon, it be important that you communicate your goals carefully. The use of goal photographs can be very helpful in the communication process.  The use of intraoperative sizes may be helpful when it comes to deciding exactly what breast implant size/profile will be necessary to achieve your desired outcome.

 Best wishes.

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