Cost of Photodynamic Therapy?

What is the price range for photodynamic therapy?

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Cost of PDT/Blue light treatment

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The cost of the procedure, as with many elective treatments, is largely dependent on the doctor. Doctors with more experience will likely charge you more.

New York Dermatologist

PDT works great & is covered by most insurances

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Photodynamic Therapy (Levulan Kerastick followed by BLU-U therapy aka PDT) works great for treating Actinic Keratosis (pre-cancers).  It fortunately is covered by most insurances if you are treating the face and or scalp.  If treating other body areas, you may need a pre-approval for coverage from your insurance company.  I believe our cash price is around $350 per treatment when using only one Levulan Kerastick.

Sidney B. Smith, MD
Kennewick Dermatologist

Photodynamic therapy expense may be submitted for flexible healthcare spending account

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Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is FDA indicated for actinic keratosis and should be covered by MediCare and most PPO insurance carriers. However, PDT performed for acne would involve out-of-pocket expense between $300 to $400 in most clinics run by board-certified dermatologists. However, this may be submitted for flexible spending account consideration.

William Ting, MD
Bay Area Dermatologic Surgeon
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