Are they any differences in effectiveness between lasers? Candela Gentlelase vs. Lumeins Lightsheer Duet

I had my first laser treatment with the Gentlease on my back, shoulders, and upper arms and had good results. However, it was very painful. 6 weeks later I chose to be treated in the same area with the Lightsheer Duet which was much more comfortable. I trusted forum of hair removal I visit seems to praise the Gentlease far better than the Lightsheer. Naturally, time and money are my biggest enemies and want to get results.

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Laser Hair Removal - Gentlelase

At my practice we use the Gentlelase, the gold standard in hair removal, with incredible results. While it can be uncomfortable, a topical numbing agent and/or ibuprofen prior can help to dull the pain. With the right technician, this laser would be your best bet in achieving the beautiful, hair-free results you desire.

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Gentle Lase Laser Hair Removal

I have been using the Gentlelase laser for hair removal for years with great results. If it is painful you can always apply a numbing medicine before the laser hair treatment.  Best, Dr. Green

Michele S. Green, MD
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Good question- spot size, cooling, and wavelength.

All your answers are as per below. I have both the Gentlelase, Lightsheer and a few other hair removal lasers and energy devices in my practice. 

See which one I think is best for MY skin type ( Im Asian)


Dr Davin Lim
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