Fraxel Cost for the Upper Lip Lines?

What is the cost of Fraxel laser just on the upper lip area? I have smoked for years and now that I am 35, I quit. I get Jessner peels and Botox. I am pretty much happy with the rest of my skin but my fear is the fine upper vertical lip lines coming through will get deeper with age.

I drink my 8 glasses of water a day and drink from the bottle but not sports bottles. Nobody really notices these lines but me, but it is something I want to take care of before they are noticed by others. I use moisturizer with sunscreen also. I would rather do laser than a filler.

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Smoker's lines of the upper lip

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Fraxel may not help smoker's lines enough. Even more aggressive older technologies such as carbon dioxide laser and dermabrasion improved the lines but they did not go away for all patients, and many complain about the thinner skin and color change (lighter, permanently). Small units of Botox may minimize the pursing of the lip (but could alter speech and smiling and eating) Thermage may tighten the skin a little via radiofrequency energy, and small aliquots of filler laid down horizontally under the cutaneous upper lip (not the red lip) helps lift these lines but it might project your lip too far forward.

The cost of Fraxel could be several hundred to more than a thousand dollars per treatment depending on the surface area treated, whether a physician or nurse / physician assistant treats you.

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Fraxel repair for Upper Lip Lines...What's the Cost?

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Hi Meri,

You can have your upper lip vertical lines treated with Fraxel repair for about $500. You may need 1 to 3 treatments depending upon how you heal. You should have a touch of Botox injected about one week prior to your Fraxel treatment to maximize your results.

Choose your treating physician carefully.

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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