Cost of Filing Teeth?

Would you be able to give me an estimate (ballpark figure) as to how much it would cost to have my two front teeth filed down by about 1mm? I have had Braces yet my two front teeth still look a bit 'horse-ish' as they are very long.

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Cost of Filing Down Teeth

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Hi from Washington!  I very seldom file down teeth unless I have to. I think that you need to look at your smile and, unfortunately, you did not provide a picture. Filing down teeth is a very permanent thing and once filed down that is it!  I really do not like to reduce structure unless necessary. I would like to see the teeth on either side of your front teeth to see if they could be lengthened. This is not as cheap as filing down the front teeth, but it might give you a really nice smile if you lengthened the ones on either side.  Bonding is a little more expensive than filing but I think you would be happier in the long run!  Consult a few dentists in your area and see what they suggest before you start.  Good luck!

Van Nuys Dentist

Filing teeth cost

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In the situation described, I would likely provide this service at no charge for existing patients and depending on the amount of work involved $50-$100 for a new patient.

Daniel Melnick, DDS
Laurel Dentist

Cost for shaving down front teeth

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First, I would recommend a smile consultation -- if the two front teeth appear too long, it may be because the two side teeth are too short. If that is the case, bonding the two side teeth may be a better option for your smile. I will contour down teeth that are too long (~$100), however I believe that adding bonding is a healthier and better treatment overall.

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A little off the top..

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If you have been going to the same dentist for a while, they might even do it for free at your next check-up.

Typically a procedure like that does require a little esthetic skill to contour it correctly so the corners aren't square when they are done, plus, it does take time, so the dentist is reasonable to charge $50+ or so for that procedure.

Randall LaFrom, DDS
San Jose Dentist

Discuss all options.

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Dentists never like to take away enamel unless it is necessary. Discuss the cosmetic options with your dentist.  If you decide it is still the best option it may cost around $75.

Kimberly Johnson Genc, DDS
Newport Beach Dentist

Enamoplasty is like extractions

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There is no going back when removing tooth structure. If you aren't too particular, just want shorter teeth, then $50-100 is normal. If you have VERY precise goals, then the dentist may need to take impressions for study models, prepare them as desired by you (dry run on the models) and then reproduce this effect on you. The fee would go up considerably. In the latter case, plan on $300-500 for the added time and skill.

There IS a risk that if reducing the tips of the teeth exposes the dentin you can have sensitivity and may even need crowns or veneers to fix.  While this is rare, it IS possible.

Reshaping front teeth

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There may be better options than reducing those teeth, it's not easy to say without seeing them. If you are really sure that's what you want, ballpark number would be around $100-$200. I sometimes do small amounts of reshaping for free for longtime patients, it really depends on how extensive a change is needed.

Paul D. Kantor, DDS
Cleveland Dentist

Cost of filing teeth...

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Filing of the 2 front teeth is a cosmetic procedure and involves not only teeth reduction but also shaping and polishing. Ball figure will be around $100 US.
Dr. Barba

Antoaneta Barba, DDS
Santa Ana Dentist

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