I Had a Coolsculpting Treatment Yesterday - Pod and Burning Urinating Today- Related?

Can this procedure cause savage to the bladder? Today - one day after - im seeing blood in my urine and it hurts- feels like a bladder infection but back hurts too. Related to cool sculpting?

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Coolsculpting should not cause bladder problems

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Please immediately see your primary care doctor or a urologist. you may have a coincidental bladder infection or other urinary tract infection. There are other causes of blood and pain so please see a urologist if it doesn't clear up quickly. Your primary care may do cultures, or even recommend a scan, and follow up after treatment with another culture to make sure you have healed and responded well.

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Pain with urination after Coolsculpting

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Your symptoms are almost certainly unrelated to Coolsculpting but you should be checked out as soon as possible by your internist or a urologist to determine what the cause of the pain and bleeding are.  Good luck 

Grant Stevens, MD
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Unlikely byVillar

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Urinary bleeding can occur anywhere from the kidneys to the urethra. Cancer, stones, and infections have to be ruled out.  See a Urologist or your GYN for a workup.  Back pain is typical with stones.  Burning urination suggests urinary tract infection.  But you can have one or all three conditions so seek professional attention.  Best wishes. Knowledge is power.  Luis F. Villar MD FACS

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