Can I Do Coolsculpting If I Have Previously Had Smart Lipo?

I had smart lipo and I have a good feeling when I hit the year mark, which is what my surgeon said it will take before final changes will be there, I will still have a small pocket of fat on my lower abdomen which I REALLY want gone. I had smart lipo on all my ab area and flanks. The lower ab pocket is the only part that I havent seen improvements on. I know scar tissue forms and such and so is it possbile to get good results on coolscultiping just the same as if i had not had smart lipo before?

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Coolsculpting post smartlipo

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Coolsculpting can be performed post smartlipo once a patient is fully healing. After a year you should be fully healing. However, in person consultation with a board certified physician who provides both surgical and coolsculpting options would be recommended to determine if coolsculpting is the best treatment for you.

Coolsculpting by zeltiq can be done a year after smart lipo

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Why do you have a localized pocket of fat in the abdomen after smart lipo? Is it fat, or the muscle bulging forward, or even a hernia? You should check with your doctor. If it is fat, then ask if smart lipo should be repeated in that area. This occurs in less than 20% of normal liposuction in that an area or a few areas do not respond as well, and undergo a second procedure of liposuction to concentrate on those areas.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Coolsculpting after SmartLipo

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With examining you it would be difficult to say anything with any certainty.  Generally speaking however, having had previous SmartLipo would not preclude you from having Coolsculpting in an area that remains troublesome. As long as the area remains soft and pliable enough to get drawn up into the treatment chamber, you can have Coolsculpting.  It's always best to have a face to face consultation for such things so you ccan get the most accurate information for your particular case.

Dr. Grant Stevens

Coolsculpting after smart lipo

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Yes, you can do Coolsculpting after smart lipo and also after regulart liposuction. If it is enough fat on the area to be treated to be pinched between 2 fingers and it moves away from the body, the coolsculpting machine should be able to do the treatment and deliver a great result. Please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon before you decide on this procedure.

Victor J. Atun, MD
Sugar Land Plastic Surgeon

Coolsculpting works and is safe but only a qualified provider can say if you are a candidate

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Hi there-

There is no doubt that Coolsculpting works and is safe- even after other surgical procedures.

What would be harder to answer without examining you would be whether or not it will produce the improvement you are after... Visit an experienced Coolscultping provider for an examination.

Cool Sculpting is a great answer for that stubborn " just cann't get rid of it fat"

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What to do after liposuction when you've waited that magical six months and there's still that pooch to much?  One answer of course is asking your own doctor about a "touch up Lipo" but if that's not what you really want to do, garments and all, then a great choice is to change the treatment game plan to the totally noninvasive choices of either Cool Sculpting or Liposonix,  these are not just a second choice" but a great "first choice" with many of our before and after photos looking better than laser liposuction! 

CoolSculpting OK to do after SmartLipo

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Doing CoolSculpting after SmartLipo should not be a problem.  Your physician will of    course examine your abdomen and make sure that you have a localized fat bulge that will respond to the fat freezing procedure.  Having already done a procedure in the same area doesn't prevent you from having the CoolSculpting.  

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