Coolsculpting: 7 Weeks Ago with No Results?

I had coolsculpting done on my abdomen with a large applicator on 5-2-2012, today I'm >7 wks. out and I'm still not seeing an improvement. I'm 5'5", 129lbs and had a little pouch that I wanted to get rid of. I do work out a few times a week and eat a healthy diet. Most of the posts I've seen state that by the 2nd month you should see about 80% of your final results. Does this mean I probably won't gain any benefit from my treatment? I also had my love handles done 5-24 & no change either.

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Coolsculpting Results

You can expect to see the full results in about 4 months, as the body’s process of removing the fat is gradual and accomplished over time, so the complete changes aren’t immediate. Estimates are that the CoolSculpting effects should last between 10-15 years, especially in those patients who maintain normal weight levels.

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Coolsculpting Results

Thank you for your question. You can expect to see your final results in about 4 months. you cannot expect to see results immediately after treatment as it takes the body time to gradually remove the fat. You can expect to lose 20-25% of fat in a treated area. Please be patient as it takes time to see results with CoolSculpting. Best of Luck!

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We have our patients come back to re-treat at 2 months.  We have done this a lot so we know when someone is going to need a second treatment for sure.  We don't wait 3 months when this is the case.The fat loss is permanent after Coolsculpting.  You typically lose 20-25% of the fat in the area treated, each time you treat it.  I have done it to myself and my staff.  It is truly effective and has no down time.

Best of Luck, Sheila Nazarian

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No results from Coolsculpting

While it is possible that the coolsculpting procedure did not work for you, it is extremely rare for the procedure to not be successful. The most common failures are poor patient selection (e.g. patient does not have pinchable fat to treat) or inability to have proper expectations set (20% of the fat cells of the treated area will be eliminated for each treatment). In some cases, patients have gained weight that hid the benefits of the treatment. In your case, it may take up to 4 months to see a benefit. Consult with your treating physician to review the treatment, and the before and after photos.

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CoolSculpting results

Most people do see results within 2 months. But, it can take up to four months. Go back to your doctor and look at your before photos, have them take new photos and compare. Sometimes, there really is a difference that you may not fully appreciate since the change take lace gradually. 

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Don't give up at two months after CoolSculpting

The 20% loss of volume in fat after coolSculping by Zeltiq is only seen four months after the treatment in the majority of patients. if you have eaten more calories or exercised less, you can negate the improvement obtained from CoolSuclpting.

Many patients do get enrolled in a series of three treatments every six weeks with very good improvement so one treatment may not be ideal for you.

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How soon for Coolsculpting results?

Typically our patients begin to see their first results by five to six weeks following Coolsculpting treatment. Max results are seen by four months.

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No Results after Coolsculpting?

Thank you for your question.

Some patients see results around 4 months after Coolsculpting treatment so be patient.  Also, sometimes it is helpful to take after photos and put them side by side the before photos -- you may see that there is a difference when you look at the photos.

Be patient.

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7 weeks post-op

It's not uncommon to not see full results until 12 to 16 weeks. So even though it is hard to be patient it is important to try to be. Since the fat cells die so slowly it takes a while for the results to show fully. You should look for 20-40% fat reduction in the area that you treated. I would re-evaluate at 12 weeks to see what result you have.


All the best

"Dr. Joe"

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