Coolsculpting and Pre-Existing Neuropathy Okay?

I have read about the temporary moderate to severe nerve pain sometimes associated with Coolsculpting, particularly in the stomach area. I have mild neuropathy (some numbness in feet) and was wondering if you have any experience with patients like me who did this procedure. Thanks.

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Tingling after Coolsculpting

The type of neuropathy you describe in your feet is a completely different type of issue and not one that should effect you with regard to doing a Coolsculpting procedure on the abdomen.  The neuropathy (numbness and tingling sensations) in the abdomen after Coolsculpting is something transient that should last only during the recovery phase after the treatment and not indefinitely. (generally about a week, perhaps a few weeks)  As with any pre-existing medical condition, if you have questions or concerns about how a procedure may effect you or your condition, talk to the specialist that works with you and the care of your condition. 

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Neuropathy and coolsculpting

There are several different causes of peripheral neuropathies and rarely are these caused by cold temperature. If a patient has a neuropathy their neurologist or treating physician may clear them for coolsculpting for fat reduction provided they are not concerned that the cold temperature in the treated area, such as the abdomen or flanks, would exacerbate the neuropathy. There are more than a hundred types of neuropathy, some caused by trauma, infections, illnesses, chemotherapy, etc.

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