Contact Lenses During Surgery?

I am going in for implants and wondering if I am I able to wear my contact lenses during surgery?

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Contact Lenses During Surgery?

To keep your corneas from being injured you should not have your contact in during surgery!

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Contact Lenses during surgery are not advised

Many patients have questions about whether or not they can wear their contacts during surgery.  For patients undergoing general anesthesia for any procedure, we always recommend that they remove their contact lenses prior to surgery and bring glasses to wear while they are in the pre and post-op area.  The reason we request this, is that during general anesthesia a protective ointment is applied to the cornea and the eyes are typically taped or patched closed to protect the cornea from drying out during surgery.  if you are having a procedure done under IV sedation that does not involve a facial procedure, then you may be allowed to wear your contacts without any increased risk of corneal irritation.  If you don't have glasses and are concerned about not being able to see, bring your contact lens case with you and you won't need to remove your contact lenses  until immediately before surgery, and should be able to put them right back in as soon as you are awake and alert. Good luck to you.   

Steven L. Ringler, MD, FACS
Grand Rapids Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implants, breast augmentatiion

It would be best to not wear your contact lenses during surgery but instead bring a pair of glasses with you.

David L. Abramson, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Contact lenses and surgery

I am sorry but you should not keep your contact lenses in during surgery this is to protect your corneas from injury at any time.


Ernesto Hayn, MD
West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Contact Lenses Should be Removed During Surgery

You should remove your contact lenses during augmentation or any surgery.  There is no reason to keep your contacts in place during surgery and there is always a possibility of injury to your eye (specifically to your cornea)   if your are wearing your lenses during surgery.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon
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Breast aug surgery

We typically ask patients to remove contacts and any piercings prior to any cosmetic surgery

Edward J. Bednar, MD
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon
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Contact lens wearing and surgery

You should definitely have your contact lenses removed before any type of surgery to help prevent a corneal injury. You should also have any piercings removed as well. Your surgeon will review this with you prior to surgery.

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William Bruno, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Contact lenses during surgery

For Breast Augmentation it is fine to wear contact lenses; however, it is not a good idea if you are having general anesthesia because ointment will be placed in the eyes and or the eyes will be taped shut during surgery. 

Blaine Andersen, MD
Logan Plastic Surgeon
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Contacts during surgery

No, you should not wear your contacts during surgery. You can take them out before and put them back in after surgery if you like. I advise patients to bring their glasses the day of sugery with its case.

Michael A. Fiorillo, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Contact lenses should be out during surgery

 Patient is asked to remove contacts before the surgery. You can use them after you fully recover from anesthesia and if your surgery did not invole eyelids/eyes. The best is to plan on wearing the glasses on the day of your procedure. The same rule apply to jewelry and body piercing.

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