Complications from 500cc Breast Implants?

I am 5'6" tall; I weigh 120lbs; and I have 29" ribcage with 34B breast size pre-op. My PS and I have decided on 500cc high profile breast implants that will be placed under the muscle. I will be having the  surgery in 3 days. Now I am concerned that 500cc may look too big for me. I tried 500cc sizers on with many shirts that I usually wear now, and I thought they look good, but I am still a little confused. Will I experience complications with this size?

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Yes, this is a larger than average breast implant.

There are numerous increased risks associated with this, and I am sure I will not even touch on half of them, but consider the following.

The size of the implant has been associated with:

1.Increased risk of loss of nipple sensation
2.Increased risk for long term breast ptosis (sagging)
3.Increased risk for chest wall deformation (curving of the ribs)
4.Increased risk of rippling or palpable /visible creases
5.Increased risk of lower pole tissue attenuation (thinning of the tissues of the breast)
6.Increased risk of secondary revisionary procedures
These are a few of the risks off the top of my head. Please discuss with your surgeon.

Most importantly, remember that although you are seeking breast enlargement, many women present complaining of breast overgrowth desiring breast reduction. These women report limited physical activity, neck/back/shoulder pain, shoulder grooving from bra straps, numbness in the fingers, rashes beneath the breasts, etc.

Many of these women feel significant relief with reductions as small as 300 cc yet you are considering adding twice that to your breasts. Think it over carefully.

I hope this helps.

Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Complications from 500cc breast implants

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Dear Ars1315,

Strictly and legally speaking "Complications" are undesired events complicating recovery which are not expected to happen but do regardless of how well an operation was done or care was delivered. These may include bleeding, infection poor scarring etc.

Placing a large implant in a smaller framed woman has several unrepairable CONSEQUENCES - but these are not really "complications" since we know it will happen.

Large implants will cause rapid sagging of the breasts. They will irreversibly stretch your breast skin (making it more likely that you would need a breast lift WITH a scar on the front of the breast s earlier. They will cause pressure atrophy or thinning of the breast tissue at the bottom of the breasts unveiling the implant ripples much more visible and palpable.They may be associated with decreased sensation to the nipples. Finally, the HP implants, especially in this size, will give you a VERY "done" look which may interfere with your work in every profession except as an entertainer.

I truly think you need to reconsider this and discuss it again with your surgeon.

I hope this was helpful.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Complications from 500cc Implants

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You had your surgery but for our other readers, I think 500C's will probably be too big. Your height, weight, ribcage and starting breast size tell me, without a picture, that you have a small frame.

That being said if you tried on the size rs and you like the look that it gives you than that's all that matters.

500 cc Implants Large for 5'6" Frame

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One of the most important decisions facing breast augmentation patients is the size of breast implants that will be used.Most patients are striving for harmony, balance, and proportion with the surrounding anatomic structures.Typically, they want a natural look with some fullness in the upper breast area.
It’s important to understand that 500 cc implants are relatively large for someone who’s only 5'6".When implants of this size are utilized, they may be prone to several unique complications.These may include an increased potential for sag, rippling, malposition, and bottoming out of the breast implants.
In an effort to determine breast size in a more objective manner, we utilize external silicone sizers and the 3D Vectra computer imaging system.These techniques help patients visualize their final result.The ability to visualize your projected surgical result alleviates much of the anxiety associated with this procedure.We feel that both the use of external silicone sizers and the 3D Vectra system accomplish this goal.It’s important to remember that final adjustments in the size of breast implants will ultimately be made in the Operating Room, depending upon anatomic factors.

Breast implant size

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Ifyou are 5 ft 6 in, and weigh 120 lbs, a 500cc implant may be too large for your frame. This is difficult to say definitively without examining your tissues or seeing your particular anatomy. If you are currently a B cup, you will likely be a D or DD cup with 500cc implants. The complications you may experience with this size are rippling/wrinkling of the implant, bottoming out in the future, or possibly malposition of the implant. Remember, the larger the implant, the heavier the implant and therefore more stretching and tension on the tissues.

I recommend meeting with your plastic surgeon again, trying on some smaller sized implants, and re-evaluating the final cup size you would like to become.

William Bruno, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Large breast implants.

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1)  I strongly advise against  500 cc breast implants for almost any woman.  These very large implants will stretch your tissues and they will age badly.

2)  See link below.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

High profile 500cc implants in a thin patient

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You should discuss these concerns with your surgeon as soon as possible.

To give a specific answer i would want to know more about your breast and chest measurements and the thickens and quality of your existing breast tissue.

From the information you provided i would speculate 500cc HP implants may be too big for you. In general the larger the implant the higher risk of problems. High profile implants of that size may create significant stretch of your tissues. You may have a very round appearance of the breast, with the appearance of a shelf or ledge up top. Your long term risk of "stretch deformities" eg bottoming out, implants too close or too far to the side, and ptosis or droop of the breast may all be increased.

John E. Gross, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

More complications from 500cc breast implants?

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The answer is that the larger the implant, the larger the pocket has to be and the greater is the potential for complications such as hematoma and seroma. Also the skin will stretch a great deal and there may be bottoming out especially in a slim person such as yourself. However, if you have discussed these issues with your plastic surgeon and you are aware of these issues, then it is OK to go ahead.

One of the problems that I have seen with larger implants in women your size is that the amount of breast tissue in comparison to the amount of implant is small and therefore your result is going to look more like an implant than it will look like a breast. High profile implants will work better for you because the base diameter of the implants will fit your chest wall and are less likely to project into your armpits.

Joel B. Singer, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon

500 cc implants

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The larger the implant the probability of more complications.  The breasts will weigh more, and they are more likley to sag sooner than if smaller implants are placed.  They may also look a bit more unnatural for your small frame.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Complications of Large Breast Implants

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Personally I have almost never put a 500 cc implant in someone your size. The only times I have, the patient has had problems. Although you may look “good” using a sizer, having an implant that size has the potential for a number of problems. First, to get the implant in, the incision has to be large or you run the risk of a late implant rupture. Secondly, you need a very large space to put the implant. The amount of numbness that you will have postoperatively is directly proportional to the size of the implant. This is due to the increased need to dissect further to make a larger pocket in which to place the implant. Using a high profile implant minimizes the amount of lateral dissection and reduces this problem somewhat, but then causes more stretch of the overlying tissues. Putting this size implant under the muscle also stretches the muscle more and can lead to problems later. Wherever you place the implant, you will stretch the skin significantly. This can cause thinning of the tissues over the implant and less padding to hide the implant. Additionally, there is a very good reason that breast reduction is the next most common breast procedure. The additional weight of the implants (over 2.2 lb.) can cause eventually shoulder grooves and back, shoulder and neck pain. With your concerns, you definitely need to discuss this with your surgeon before surgery. At least now you will have a little more information to use in the discussion.

Robert T. Buchanan, MD
Highlands Plastic Surgeon

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