Is It Common for Breast Implants to Poke out of Skin?

I had implants done about 8 years ago. They are posiioned in front of the muscle. On my left breast the implant has a point that sticks out of my skin making it difficlut to weat certain shirts because you can tell I have implants. What can I do?

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Visible fold or crease in over the muscle breast implant augmentation

IT is most likely that this is the point of a fixed crease. Yucan tyr to manipulate it but most likely (especially if it is a textured implant) that you will be unable to eliminate or solve this without a removal and replacement. Consider high profile silicone

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Implant poking through skin

If your skin is so thin that it feels like the implant is poking through the skin, then perhaps you need  more soft tissue coverage either by placing them below the muscle and/or adding alloderm for coverage.

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Is It Common for Breast Implants to Poke out of Skin?

I agree with both Dr Laverson and Dr Edwards.  It sounds as if your skin is very thin and the implants can be visualized though your skin.  Initially after your surgery this probably was not apparent, but throughout the years, wear and tear plus thinning of your breast tissue caused your implants to become palpable and visible. To correct this problem, you will need revision surgery with implants placement under  the muscle and perhaps use silicone implants . I recommend a  consultation  with your plastic surgeon.


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Implant ripple felt beneath skin, and sometimes visible

The quality and longevity of any breast augmentation result depends on many factors, but one of the most important elements is the percentage of your breast that is implant vs. your own breast tissue.  The greater the proportion of your breast is implant, the more it looks, feels, and behaves like an implant.  This includes rippling and wrinkling, both palpable (rippling you only feel), and visible (rippling you can see in certain positions).  Another chief contributor to the natural quality of your result is the amount (thickness) of your native tissue covering the implant.  If you are very lean / thin, have little breast tissue to start, and the implants are not beneath muscle, the devices are more likely to affect visible surface anatomy because they are closer to the outside world, and covered by a thin layer of tissue.  This problem can be improved or solved by a variety of operative strategies, but I know of no good way to solve it non operatively, except by concealing with clothing, adjusting your position at key moments, and keeping the lights low when necessary.

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Implant edges showing through the breast skin

It sounds as though the coverage of your implant is too thin. As long as your implant has not deflated, which can sometimes cause the edges or knuckles of the implant to show, you may benefit from having the implants changed to a partially sub-muscular position. I would recommend you discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon and together you can come up with a plan.

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