What Comes First Dental Work or Facial Work?

I have been planning having some facial work done...most likely a face lift. I went to the dentist and need to have work done on my teeth and gums. I think I know already but it is better to have the teeth attended to 1st for they are a priority but, also if I had anything done even just fillers of Botox it would be affected by my facial muscles by the jaw and below being bruised and being moved around. Am I right?

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Dental work first ....and maybe no cosmetic work necessary

First and foremost, you need to see your dentist and make sure your teeth and gums are healthy before looking at either cosmetic dentistry or facial cosmetic surgery.  I would make sure the dentist you see does botox and dermal fillers as well as veneers and whitening. I would always start with the less invasive procedure and maybe all of your cometic needs can be done through botox, dermal fillers and venners.  If you have a gummy smile, lines around the lip area, deep creases or smile furrows, all of these can be taken care of with botox and dermal fillers. Often times you wear down teeth from clenching and bruxism and botox placed into the masseter muscle can relax this powerful muscle, showing less gum line when you smile . The veneers,placed over your teeth,will be safe from popping off from grinding. You can create an entirely new smile and face with the use of these procedures. So my suggestion to you is get your mouth and teeth healthy first, Then find a qualified cosmetic dentist who has extensive experience in esthetic dentistry and uses botox and dermal fillers and you may never have to have the face lift!

Matching things up

Always take care of dental infection, cavities, and gum disease first. 

The best tooth appearance improvements come when they are matched nicely to the shape of your face.  So if you think there will be significant changes to your face shape, waiting until that is stable will allow your dentist to make sure your new teeth (whatever that means to you) will look like they belong!

The worst thing is to have pretty teeth that are tapered and round, but your face shape is more square!  They might look 'fake.'


Steve Carstensen, DDS
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Facial Work or Dental Work First?

If you have active infection in your gums or teeth, then I would recommend getting that taken care of just from a health standpoint.  However, if you are looking at doing some cosmetic dental work, it might be a good idea to have a dentist evaluate your smile before you get any work done to the face.  There are times that cosmetic dentistry can be done to give you what some dentists refer to as a mini facelift alothough no surgery is involved. By changing the profile thickness of the teeth and lengthening teeth a cosmetic dentist can take years off of not just your smile, but your face.

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Dental Work versus Facial Work

I am sure you have already spoken to your dentist about your dental needs and if he/she is a cosmetic dentist then they are also familiar with the facial cosmetic work. If you have dental needs such as having cavities and swollen gums, then this should be priorirty.  If it is cosmetic dentistry then it can be done in any order. If you are having veneers then you may want to have them first so that the outcome of your facial work will be greatly enhanced right off the bat! Remember, cosmetic dentistry DOES NOT AGE!!!  What I am saying is that if you are having facial work performed, then it will continue to age over time but the veneers or crowns willnot change. It is a great benefit of cosmetic dental work! 

Keith Blankenship, DDS
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Facial work or Dental work First.

A good Dental consultation would be advisable, as mentioned previously, changes to teeth and gums will provide immediate improvements that can enhance facial work.  Also, sometimes people find out that some things accomplish more then they think and then other things don't need to be done.  In other words,  less invasive or nonsurgical corrections may allow further therapies to be reduced and cosmetic dentistry can sometimes do this..  Further, it is important to rule out any tooth or gum problems before anything elective is done so infections don't complicate matters.  Your dentist and your facial specialist should coordinate care for best results and put aside any "me first so I can get paid first attitudes".  It should be about what is best for you.  Always get 2ND opinion if anything doesn't feel good and make sure your dentist and doctor have reputable credentials and references.  Best of luck!  Amazing things can be done now days!

Scott LeSueur, DDS
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