About How Much Does Overjet Correction Cost, and How Long Does It Take?

Im 22 years old and havent been to the dentist for about 6 years, Ive always took good care of my teeth, brushing, flossing etc. and ive had only one cavitiy that i can remember but i have always had a overjet and im wanting to finally get it fixed money has always been an issue for me so im curious about how much it would cost including the x rays, cleaning and cost of visit. Any information would help. Thanks!

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Overjet correction


Overjet correction can do wonders for a persons appearance, but there are several ways to do this including orthodontics.  Having a good consult with a reputable cosmetic dentist and having him explore with you all the possibilities and their associated costs, benefits and risks will help you make an educated decision which way you may want to proceed.  An exam and xrays and cleaning can be done for minimal amount and many dentists are willing to do so to bring a new patient on board but make sure who you go to a dentist that has good reviews from people you trust that have been treated by him.  Good luck!

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Correcting Overjet or Teeth that Protrude

First of all, great picture!  If what you are referring to as "overjet" is how far your top front teeth are protruding over the lower teeth, then the answer to your question could be quite broad in terms of cost.  There are so many options that it would take hours to go through all of them.  However, based on your photograph, it looks like one option to explore first would be orthodontics.  Traditional braces, invisilign, or even some newer procedures like 6 month smiles, might be appropriate for  you.  In some cases correcting overjet can require expensive orthognathic surgery, but it is imposible to tell from just a photograph.  My suggestion would be to get in for an exam with xrays with a reputable cosmetic dentist in your area first.  The cost for an exam and xrays will probably be a few hundred dollars.  Discuss your concerns with the dentist and see what they have to say.  You can always visit an orthodontist afterwards if they point you in that direction or if you want another opinion.  If you get digital xrays they can be saved on a disk or emailed and you wont have to have them taken over and over if you go to different dentists to find the best solution for you.

Overjet concerns

Luis, The concerns you are having are a little difficult to determine. Overjhet concerns can be minor or major which have very different treatment protocols.  In many cases, braces can fix the problem or atleast minimize the problem.  If you are having bite issues, then you definitely need to see an orthodontist.  the orthodontist will take xrays and determine how far off your bite is and if you need to have braces versus surgery.  Also, if the front teeth are the only ones out of alignment, it may be possible to correct with veneers or crowns.   there are such a variety of concerns and issues here that it is very difficult to give you an answer.  If I were you, I would find a very reputable orthodontist in your area and set up a consultation.  You will be very informed of exactly your options and costs.  If you have problems finding an orthodontist, it is easiest to ask you dentist and he will refer you. 

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