SculpSure - is it an average 24% fat reduction or up to 24%? Should you wait until after weight loss has stopped?

I had a baby a year ago and stopped nursing last month. I have been losing weight ever since. I am under the BMI 30 mark. Can I have the SculpSure procedure done now, or should I wait. I think it would boost my morale. Is the 24% fat reduction an average, or is it up to 24%. Is the 6 week mark post SculpSure when you start to receive results or does is start sooner/later for some. What is happening at the 6 week mark post procedure that makes your body remove the fat cells? Thanks!

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SculpSure works by engaging a controlled hypothermic 1060 nm wavelength to the body, targeting the fatty tissue. This wavelength is penetrated deep into the subcutaneous fat cells causing your body to eliminate UP to 24% of fat cells. The heated wavelength establishes a controlled hyperthermic temperature of 42°C and 47°C causing an injury to the adipose, without any damage to the dermal tissue. The damaged adipocytes (lipocytes and fat cells) will be absorbed and removed gradually by the body’s inflammatory process and the volume of fat in the treatment area will decrease over the course of three months.
The 6 week mark is an approximate time for visible reduction of fat cells. Some people see results sooner than 6 weeks and some see results towards the end of the 12 weeks. How quickly you see results is dependable on factors like your general health, amount of fat that was targeted, and the area of treatment...each individual responds to the procedure differently. Most people often require a series of treatments which can be discussed with your physician/practitioner who can work with you on creating a customized body contouring program for your fat loss goals.

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SculpSure- 24% Fat Reduction In 25 Minutes

Hello Raising1rl, Congratulations on your little one. SculpSure is an excellent way to jump start your weight loss goals. Many of our patients have commented on how much they love their results from SculpSure that it has helped them to eat healthier and exercise daily because they look and feel so great! The average fat loss is 24% with some patients seeing results immediately.  It does take 12 weeks to see the full results. The destroyed fat cells turn into nodules that your body will break down and release. SculpSure is recommended for patients with a BMI of 30 and under. Many of our patients have come in with higher BMI's and are very happy with their results. #Sculpsure  Best too you, Dr Faraz


Thank you for your question. You can have upto 24% fat reduction after one treatment of SculpSure. You will start to see results before 6 weeks, however allow the full 12 weeks to see the maximum results. You can start SculpSure immediately if you would like to.


The SculpSure website and study state up to 24% fat reduction.  I believe the results may be enhanced by stressing the fat via a low fat diet after SculpSure to help metabolize any injured fat from the procedure.  SculpSure is an excellent way to jump start a weight-loss plan.Best wishes for success, Dr. Denkler

SculpSure gives you up to 24% fat loss

Hi! Thanks for your question. SculpSure will help remove on average 24% fat cells. Your body will start to metabolize , or get rid of,the fat cells that have been destroyed over time. People will start to see results in about 6 weeks and final results in 12 weeks. This is the time it takes for the body to process the fat cells that have been damaged by the laser. If you continue to exercise and lose weight you will see even greater results because you will begin to lose the internal fat and the bloating that comes from certain foods. SculpSure will increase your morale on your journey to fitness and health. I often suggest a combination of SculpSure with diet or cleansing. Good Luck! Dr. Eros

24% average?

I would use 24% fat cells killed as the maximum. You can fill or empty the remaining 76% as you wish. There are patients who do not see much effect unfortunately and many have gained weight (5-15#) in last year, making it hard to tell (and didn't return for 12 week pictures). I believe some residual fat needs more than one treatment, and if thick, probably 3 treatments. These people are pretty happy with the results. NON-invasive is the key. The lack of significant recovery is the main advantage. BTW, results can be seen as early as three weeks, but max is 3-4 mos. I believe older people (>60) take longer.

Morale Boost

Yes. New mothers face many challenges loosing that "baby weight" (focus on the baby, hormonal changes, nursing, etc). I often see patients who get a morale boost by local fat reduction with SculpSure and this can motivate them to keep loosing weight by diet and exercise. After the treatment we tell patients: Be Patient!. Typically after SculpSure,  the real fat reduction occurs between 6 and 12 weeks. For larger areas, I often will recommend a "staged treatment" which I think gives the best results.

SculpSure results

Laser lipolysis - SculpSure- is expected to produce up to 24% fat reduction. Results are expected to be seen at 6 weeks and finalized by 12 weeks. Some patients notice results at two weeks. Recommend treating stubborn areas, such as muffin tops,  while you are losing weight. Best, Dr. Yegiyants

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Reduction in fat is 24% average

SculpSure is the world's first FDA indicated laser for non surgical fat reduction.  Studies have shown that the AVERAGE amount of fat reduction is 24%, it is not a predictable percentage.  It is probably best to have the contouring when your weight is stable, however it can be used to motivate a person for further weight loss.The fat is removed slowly after the treatment and I would say it takes 12 weeks to see the final results.Good Luck!

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Weight loss and non-invasive fat removal

I have many patients who like to have Coolsculpting or other non-invasive fat reducing procedures to give them a "jump start" on their figure. An in patient consultation is really the best way to see if you are a good candidate. Best, Dr. Green

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