I had my Breast Augmentation done 5 weeks ago and my right breast is still sore and painful at times.

I had my BA done 5 weeks ago and my right breast is still sore and painful at times, and a little swelling, my nipple is sore also. I get a pinching pain. Is this normal

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It's pretty common for one breast to lag behind and feel sore for the entire postoperative period. Frequently only one breast hurts and the other one has no symptoms.  As long as it's slowly improving, there is usually not much to worry about. Would recommend seeing you plastic surgeon if the symptoms exacerbate. 

Pain after Breast Augmentation

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Thank you for your question.   This type of soreness is not uncommon.   I would recommend gentle massage and stretching of the breast 3 times a day to reduce risk of capsular contracture and to alleviate your symptoms.   Close followup with your plastic surgeon is recommended.   All the best.

Paul S. Gill, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon

5 weeks postop

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This is not uncommon only 5 weeks postop. Be sure to address your concerns to your plastic surgeon. Best of luck.

Breast Soreness after Augmentation

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This is perfectly normal after breast augmentation surgery. Again, if you have any further questions or concerns, please consult with your plastic surgeon.

Kimberly A. Henry, MD
Greenbrae Plastic Surgeon

Healing Following Breast Augmentation

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It's amazing how differently women experience recovery from a breast augmentation procedure. While some see to recover quickly, with little pain, others seem to need a bit more time to heal. It is pretty common to experience more pain in just one breast. And, different women can experience different types of pain and pain in different areas as well.

Pain still after five weeks

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Everybody's different after your healing maybe typical for you based on the difficulty of surgery and your body's response to surgery. A physical examination by your plastic surgeon will determine if this normal for you.

Butt augmentation healing

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If you had a submuscular placement of your implant and you are right handed, I have one possible explanation. The pectoral muscle is attached to the humerus [upper arm bone] and will pull the pec muscle every time you use your arm.I sometimes see a patient become pain free after 2-3 weeks, then start hurting again due to muscle spasm on their dominant side due to feeling better leading to a bit of arm overuse. Try to take it easy and see your surgeon. It is a lot easier to figure out what is the problem by looking at a patient in person. Hope you get to feeling better.

Pain after breast augmentation

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Pain at the 5 week time frame after breast augmentation is not uncommon.  Asymmetric pain (one side hurts, the other does not) is very common after breast augmentation.  The anatomy of the body varies in everyone, meaning the right and left sides are different.  This means that the nerve anatomy on the right may be different than on the left, which would explain, at least in part, why one side is painful and the other is not.  Other factors can included sleeping habits (right side, left side) and hand dominance (right handed or left handed).  You should see your surgeon to follow up on your pain even though it is likely inconsequential.  

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Soreness after breast augmentation will persist longer if the implants are sub muscular.

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Some glandular placement of the implant would be unlikely to contribute to pain five weeks after breast augmentation. Sub muscular placement on the other hand can sometimes generate discomfort considerably longer.

It is normal to be sore and painful at time.

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Good evening.  It is normal to have sensitive nipple for several months after breast augmentation.  It is not unusual to have "pinching pain" for several months as well.  As your nerves "wake up," you can have hypersensitivity of the nipples as well as tingling or shooting pain for several months.  If you are concerned, you should always visit your plastic surgery so that he/she can evaluate you.  Good luck to you.

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