I had the SculpSure procedure performed on my stomach fat 2/1/16 I have 2 different lumps that have formed. Any suggestion?

They do not hurt or cause and discomfort. Is this a symptom from the procedure that I can expect to go away with time? Or is there something I can do to break down the lumps?

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Lumps after SculpSure

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Thank you for your question. The lumps are normal as the treatment area is swollen and the dead fat cells have detached. The lumps will dissolve as time passes but you can start to massage the area daily for 5-10 minutes. It’s almost like when you bruise and some bruises are a little lumpy, after a few days of massaging, the body slowly dissolves it. 

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Lumps are normal during recovery

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Hello and thank you for your question!

Sculpsure causes fat cells to essentially melt and your body then has to take over and repair the area.  As you can imagine, this doesn't happen immediately.  Initially inflammation is created, causing firm and softer areas.  Over time, these areas dissipate, leaving behind no significant lumps.  

We recommend massaging the area 5-10 minutes twice a day over the initial few weeks after the procedure and continue to drink a lot of water (at least 64 oz daily, preferably more).

Hope this helps!

Dr. L

Post treatment lumps

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Your post treatment lumps are totally normal. They are actually the dead fat cells. With time, your lymph system will eliminate them. Massaging the areas for 5-10 a day can certainly help to speed up the process. Best of luck.


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Thank you for the great question!! Some people will experience nodules post procedure with Sculpsure. It is simply a lumping of fat cells, that in time will definitely go away. However, I always suggest gently massaging the area periodically in the day and to really increase the amount of water you're drinking. 

SculpSure procedure symptom

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With the SculpSure procedure having lumps post treatment is normal. Keep active, drink lots of water, massage the area and the lumps will go away over time.

Lumps after SculpSure is totally Normal

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Hi,  your lumps are totally normal and simply represent collection of dead cells under your skin that will now be slowly eliminated by your body over the next 6 -12 weeks. I recommend to all my patients to gently massage the treatment area twice a day for 2 weeks to help your body to eliminate them, Also, drinking a lot of water is also very important. Just be patient and they will go away. Best of luck, Dr.Avaliani


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Lumps or nodules as I call them are always a possibility after getting SculpSure. It is completely normal, we recommend massaging the nodule and with time it will go away.

Sculpsure side effects

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Thanks for your question. As others have mentioned, the lumps are due to breakdown of the fat cells as a result of the Sculpsure treatment. I had 2 lumps after my own treatment. I did massage for about a week and they resolved. I have also had a few patients that we have treated report lumps, but they have resolved. Hang in there, keep massaging and enjoy your results 
Best wishesDr S

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Lumps and sculpsure

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Congratulations on your procedure and thanks for sharing your question. I can appreciate your concern.

The lumps are simply the inflammatory reaction of the body trying to destroy the fat deposits. massage will be the solution to the problem. 

Wishing you the best in your journey

Lumps after Sculpsure

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I've been treating with Sculpsure from the beginning and have definitely noted that some people develop lumps after the treatment.  This is simply the fat cells that are dying and being absorbed by the body.  They seem to form about the 1-3 week mark if you are going to form them and usually disappear on their own if they are realtively soft.  If they are hard however then massaging them for about 2 weeks will help them all go away.  I haven't seen anyone have these nodules past about 6 weeks.

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