I had a few treatments of the Venus Legacy and I am not sure if I might be pregnant. Could it affect the fetus?

Hi- I had a few treatments of the Venus Legacy (not freeze, the heat) and I am not sure if I might be pregnant. I was treating my abdomen. Could this have affected the fetus? I will not continue treatments until I am able to take a test but wanted to know how deep this treatment goes.

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Venus Legacy During Pregnancy

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Do not continue treatment if you find out you are indeed pregnant.

Although no guarantees can be made as no studies were carried out on pregnant women, it is unlikely that your prior treatments will have any effect on the fetus.

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Venus Legacy and pregnancy

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The Venus Legacy only penetrates the very upper layers of the skin. The radio frequency passes back and forth between the small metal pieces of the applicator so they don't go deep in your body and need a grounding. Thus, your fetus is just fine!

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