I'm 8 weeks post op from a BA. Is it OK to wear a regular bra with underwire? (Photo)

I have been wearing a sports bra 24/7 for the past 8 weeks. Is it OK to wear a regular bra with underwire? Can I wear no bra? Is it safe to to sleep without wearing a bra? Please help.

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Is it OK to wear a regular bra with underwire?

Each practice will have their own routine, though we would feel it fine to wear any comfortable bra or none at all after 8 weeks. You can check with your surgeon as well for advice.

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Post-op instructions

Since each doctor may have  a different post-op regimen, you should ask your surgeon what his preference is.  Best of luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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I'm 8 weeks post op from a BA. Is it OK to wear a regular bra with underwire?

Check with your surgeon, but most will allow you to wear underwire at this time point. I normally allow my patients to wear them after one month.

Can you wear an underwire bra?

I usually let my patients start wearing an underwire bra at 3 weeks post-op. You should really direct this question to your plastic surgeon, though, as his protocol may be different.  Good luck!

8 weeks bost BA

Dear funbox01,
It is best to ask your operating surgeon what they think. Each doctor has different guidelines for post op care.

Bras after breast augmentation

Each plastic surgeon has a slightly different protocol and it would be best to check in with yours. That said, at eight weeks I allow my patients to wear any bra they find comfortable or to go without. Congratulations on a beautiful result. -Dr. Meghan Nadeau, Seattle, WA

Meghan Nadeau, MD
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What type of bra is best 8 weeks Post OP?

Thank you for your question. First and foremost, you should follow your plastic surgeon's post operative care instructions.  I tell my patients to wear a good supportive bra for six weeks if that means an under wire bra and doesn't irritate your scars, then that's fine. Otherwise, find what is most comfortable for you.  Best of luck in your recovery!

Fred Hackney, MD
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Underwire bras 8 weeks after breast augmentation

Each Plastic Surgeon has their own opinion on underwire bras, and you should always check with your own Plastic Surgeon for their opinion. In my opinion there is no problem with underwire bras after 6 weeks. By that time the position of the implant is established and the type of bra that is worn should have no effect on the breast itself.

Douglas Leppink, MD
Grand Rapids Plastic Surgeon
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Bra usage following breast augmentation

Thank you for this wonderful question! I typically will release my patients to wear any type of bra they are comfortable with at 4 weeks post-operative. This includes underwire if they so desire as well as refraining from wearing a bra if they wish. It is important to understand that every patient is different and every plastic surgeon varies, although it may be slightly, with preferred post-operative instructions. I recommend following up with your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon as he/she will be most familiar with your post-operative progression and will have a suggested post-care plan personalized for you. I do hope you have found this information helpful and I wish you luck!

Patrick Viscardi, MD
South Bend Plastic Surgeon
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I'm 8 weeks post op from a BA. Is it OK to wear a regular bra with underwire

Thank you for your question. At this time you should OK to wear a regular bra. I would recommend to check with your PS as he knows better how you are healing.

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