What does fat atrophy or necrosis really mean in practical terms?

Having recently had Ulthera, and noticing some minor irregular skin changes (part of normal healing or early signs of adverse effects??) it makes me nervous. Such as could Ulthera later be proven to be damaging, like early Thermage? To allay my fears, I'd love it if MD could explain what it is, how soon or long after a procedure one would notice a change, what a person would notice superficially, how a dx is made, and is the condition permenant? Can you gain/regain facial fat (like thighs)?

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There is no fat atrophy with Ultherapy

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Fat atrophy or necrosis is not seen with Ultherapy treatments. The ultrasound energy is focused and delivered in the skin (3 mm depth) and SMAS layer (4.5 mm) and the treatment energy is focused and visualized by ultrasound imaging seen and visualized and confirmed during the treatment. Read the Ultherapy book on the link below if you are interested in learning more about this technology. 

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