Cheek Hair Side Effect from Latisse, Will This Growth Ever Reverse?

I've been using Latisse for 2 months, I only just started to notice my longer, darker eyelashes recently and was excited. But along with that I also started noticing small fine hairs sprouting around my eye (under lower lash line) and upper cheek, and I'm absolutely horrified by it. What am I doing wrong, am I applying too much, and most importantly, if I stop applying the product will this unwanted growth reverse back to its original (non-existent) or has it permanently grown out?

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If you stop the growth will reverse. However you like the result. You just need to be more careful in application to avoid the dribble down effect.

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More hairs growing from Latisse than desired

Here's the scoop: people who respond well to Latisse will grow extra hairs in possibly undesirable locations if they don't apply it extremely carefully. You are applying too much, and some of the Latisse is dripping down the side of your lash line and getting onto other areas. After you use the Latisse in the right places, wipe off all other areas lightly with soap and water. Not where you want the Latisse, but where you don't want it. Yes, the extra hairs you have now will stop growing and when they fall out they won't grow back like that, just like if you stop using Latisse on your eyelashes, over time, they too will do the same thing.

F. Victor Rueckl, MD
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Unwanted hair growth from Latisse

Thank you for your question. If you stop using Latisse the unwanted hairs will go away, however so will the results for the lashes. It sounds like you may be over applying and might also be applying to the lower lash line. Latisse should only be used on your upper lashes and should be one drop on each brush applied to each eye. The applicator should feel almost dry. Try these recommendations to see if it helps, if you apply the product correctly you should still be able to use it while waiting for the unwanted hair growth to subside.

-Best wishes

Pablo Prichard, MD
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Cheek hair after using Latisse

You may try applying less or more carefully your Latisse. No doubt if you stopped using Latisse altogether, the cheek hair would disappear. ~ Dr. Benjamin Barankin, Toronto Dermatology Centre.

Benjamin Barankin, MD, FRCPC
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Latisse extra hair not lashes

Latisse will have a growth effect on any hair follicle it is absorbed by, so making sure you follow application instructions is important.

The extra hair growth will reverse itself in the course of your hair growth cycles. This could take several months as each hair could be in different stages of the cycle.

It's probably a better idea to use your own fine eyeliner brush and clean it every evening after use. The supplied brushes, although designed to prevent any cross contamination, are not all that easy to use in applying the liquid where you want it.

More is never better - and only apply on the top lashes when your skin is dry.

Extra growth on your cheek indicates too much was applied to your lashes and it moved onto your cheek.


Nasrin Mani, MD
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How to use less product

An easy way to use less product and prevent dripping under the eye is to put one drop in the cap and dip the applicator in. Often, one drop is plenty for both upper lash lines.

Katrina Bassett, MD
Bothell Dermatologic Surgeon

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