Cheek Augmentation Revision Doctor Recommendations

I had Cheek implants placed about two years ago at the age of fifty and unfortunately for me the surgeon cut through the periosteum, muscles, and nerves in the left side of my face. For one year, we thought I had nerve damage until another surgeon went in and saw the damage. The muscles are detached from the orbital rim of my face. I can not use my upper lip well and I have no fold from the corner of my mouth to my nose anymore.

Can anyone make a suggestion or referral?

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Facial re-animation vs camouflage procedures

A picture would be be of great help to better describe a treatment plan for you. Ideally pictures taken at rest and while smiling would be very helpful. In general, if you have nerve damage for more than one year, either facial animation or camouflage procedures would be very helpful.

Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Cheek implants and nerve damage

There is nothing that can be done about muscle and nerve damage that is present in your cheek implant. It is probably a good idea to have the cheek implants removed. Look for a surgeon who has done many, many cheek implants.

William Portuese, MD
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Important to determine extent of Facial Nerve damage

Hello MMMK,

Sorry to hear about the difficulties that you have been experiencing.

My first thought is that in order to recommend any potential treatment to help with your problems it is vital to the know the cause of the problems first. Based on your description of things it sounds as though you have some injury to the facial nerve on the left side of your face - given how long it has been since your initial surgery this nerve injury is most likely permanent (there is always some potential for nerve regeneration but you most likely would have seen something by now).

If you do indeed have nerve damage this makes a big difference than if your nerve is working and there is a problem with the muscles or scar tissue build up. This seems like an unlikely scenario since if the nerve was intact you would still have normal movement and tone regardless of muscle attachment to the periosteum and vice versa.

My best advice would be for you to be seen by a board certified facial plastic surgeon who can assess your nerve, muscles and anatomy and determine the exact nature of your problems. From there you can have reasonable and appropriate options to help with your concerns.

Best of luck to you

Kamran Jafri, MD
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon
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