What Could Be Causing Bee Sting Like Pain in 'Inner' Breasts After Silicone Implants About 3 Weeks Ago?

Breasts were feeling pretty comfortable up until now and the healing seems to be coming along fine. No redness or swelling present at this time, but pain when touching the area was almost unbearable, until I put a bra on. Could going for an extended amount of time without a bra for support while healing be causing this pain?

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Stinging Pain after Breast Augmentation

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Some burning pain or stinging pain is common during the healing process of breast augmentation. Implant massage and time should help the pain resolve over the next few weeks to months. - Ankit Desai, MD, Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon

Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon

Pain after Breast Augmentation?

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It is very likely that the discomfort you are experiencing is normal and secondary to inflammation after surgery.  If you are “overdoing” activity you may want to rest beside that is involved. The use of anti-inflammatories may be helpful. I would suggest continued follow-up with your plastic surgeon;  direct examination is always your best bet to diagnose a problem.

Best wishes.

What Cld Be Causing Pain in 'Inner' Breasts After Silicone Implants 3 Wks Ago?Answr:

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It is very normal for weeks to months after Breast Aug to feel all sorts of strange pains and sensations. These are most likely caused by nerves waking up that have been stretched. Sometimes this is numbness, while other times it is like a sharp sting...All very normal and does not mean anything is wrong!

John J. Corey, MD
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon
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Lightning bolts and other burning pain after cosmetic surgery

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After any cosmetic surgery including breast augmentation it is not unusual to have stinging, burning, tenderness, or "lightning bolt" sensations for the first several months or sometimes even longer.  Most commonly these are just nerve endings reacting to surgery and sending signals back to the brain that your body doesn’t understand.  Often times these sensations happen early in the first few weeks after surgery because you are doing too much too early. 

At my plastic surgery practice I have all my breast augmentation patients refrain from vigorous physical activity for one month and have them wear a supportive soft bra all the time except when showering for 6 weeks.  While my regimen is not the only one out there, it works for my patients. 

As long as your plastic surgeon has examined you closely and found no obvious problems, I would suspect that these painful sensations will get better with time.  Motrin and ice can also help. 

Remember pain experienced today may likely be from activities that were overdone 24-48 hours before just like pain from lifting weights can take a few days to set in.

Hope that helps, Dr. Kerr

Early healing after breast augmentation

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early healing after breast augmentation

  • this will take several months to settle
  •  may be caused by small nerves or muscles in this area
  • motrin or other antinflammatories may help
  • use ice

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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