Can Capsular Contracture Cause Me to Feel Physically Ill?

I have capsular contracture on the left, Baker Grade IV. Aside from the constant pain and discomfort, plus swelling and hardened mis-shapen breast, I have been feeling constantly unwell since this began to occur in May. I feel like my body is constantly fighting an infection, to the point I have been prescribed anti-biotics by my gp, which has slightly alleviated my symptoms, my body aches, I get fevers, or chills and headaches, all of which is having an impact on my daily quality of life.

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See your surgeon

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Your implant should be removed as there is evidence suggesting that capsular contracture is related to infection, and this may be the reason why you're feeling unwell. Best of luck.

Capsular Contracture Grade IV and Feeling Unwell

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    In grade IV capsular contracture, the removal of the capsule along with removal and possibly replacement usually does make patients feel much better.  However, I would not expect these fever, chills, and headaches to necessarily resolve.  Kenneth Hughes, MD breast implants Los Angeles, CA

Capsule Contracture

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Grade IV capsule contractures a much less common than in the past. Causes for these contractures are not completely understood but one theory is that there could be a chronic sub-clinical infection. I would not completely discount the possibility that you might feel physically after having surgery to remove the capsule and implant. There's certainly a lot to it so you should see a good Plastic surgeon near you.Good luck.

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