What makes my face so masculine? (Photo)

I am a girl and have often been asked if I was a man or transsexual and it's ruining my self-esteem and happiness. I am trying to find what is causing this and correct it, I want to look like a normal feminine woman. I have already done a rhinoplasty a few years ago because my nose used to be bigger, although I still think it is too big, but I'm not sure if that's the problem. My jaw or chin appears to be the main problem but I feel like it's not the only problem. What could help?

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Is this face too masculine?

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Your face has all the structural makings of a feminine beauty. Yes, slightly bolder cheekbones would enhance the oval shape that is desired, but many beautiful women do not have oval faces. The softer features such as arched eyebrows, fuller lips, and crisper nasal tip reflecting points would be where I would emphasize your femininity. And don't forget to use hairstyle to your advantage.

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What makes my face so masculine?

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  Hi, based upon the attached photo the face appears elongated and rectangular shaped which is perceived as more masculine.  As outlined in my book on face and body beauty for men and women, female faces look best when they are heart-shaped which is perceived as soft and feminine.  Your cheeks are very flat which is what is causing the face to appear rectangular and not heart-shaped.  Cheek Augmentation with a dermal filler (I prefer Perlane) performed as an office treatment could shape and contour the cheeks.  Cheek Implants could be considered for a permenent enhancement.  The lips are a bit thin which is also relatively masculinizing.  Lip Augmentation with dermal fillers (I prefer Restylane or Juvederm) or uisng Lip Implants (long lasting effect) will plump and soften the lips.  When filling out the lips, it's imperative to follow the proper aesthetic proportion of the lips tpo maintain harmony and balance.  Hope this helps.  

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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