I Had Breast Augmentation 10 Months Ago and my Incisions on my Anchor and Areola Ate Red/dry and Itc?

I have had a lift and augmentation 10 months ago and I still suffer with red /dry / itchy flaky scars... Why would this be happening still?... I have used vit E and bio oil ..:( I am so itchy what can I do? Desperate

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Scars and itchiness

It is not uncommon for scars to be dry and itchy. The best and simplest thing to do is moisturize them with a hypoallergenic product like lubriderm or eucerin.

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Breast Augmentation 10 Months Ago - scar itch and dryness?

Thanks for the question. I always treat all my post surgical scars with silicon sheets and compression garments up to 6 months until the scars have shown maturation and reached its completion of healing. I am not sure if so far you have treated your scar at all. Simple Vaseline massage or moisturizing lotion is good enough for dryness and if the scar is raised perhaps then triamcinolone can help the raised part and the itching. Wish you good luck.

Itchy Scars at 10 months After Breast Augmentation and Lift

    Do not despair.  Itchy scars are likely due to histamine release, and triamcinolone injections of the scars can improve the itching dramatically.  With time, the scars should continue to improve, but symptoms can be managed with steroid injections.

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Itchy scarring 10 months after breastlift


Are your scars thickened also? You may want to consider silicone gel sheeting or dilute steroid injections - the steroid will help the itch, but may cause thinning of the scars. You should still followup with your breast surgeon to address your concerns- an "in-person" evaluation would be more optimal.

Best of luck!

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Red, Dry Scars After Mastopexy Surgery

Thank you for your question. Some people simply take longer to heal from mastopexy (breast lift) surgery than others. Without seeing photos it's difficult to determine if there is an issue or not. I always recommend going into to see your surgeon for a follow up visit. You may want to look into Biocorneum to help with the scars too. My patients love it!

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