Skin coming off 12 days after facial dermabrasion, is this normal?

I had received a dermabrasion treatment 2 weeks ago and just one day after I stopped applying vaseline to my face (this was after 10 days) my skin broke open. This happened after I washed my face. There now is a small wound on my face and I've been applying vaseline to this area to treat it. Is this normal?

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Thank you for your question. The dermabrasion procedure literally scrapes away the top layers of the skin. This is done with a small burr that has diamond particles on it. The instrument scrapes the layers of skin until we get to a point where the scar or the wrinkle is less noticeable. I suggest that you move forward and consult with your board certified facial plastic surgeon to review best recovery practices.

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Skin coming off 12 days after facial dermabrasion, is this normal?

Thanks for your question. This is absolutely normal. Dermabrasion is giving injury to the skin so that it heals up the scars and fin lines and also help in rejuvenation. So some open wounds and peeling is normal and it continues for 15-20 days. You should keep yourself hydrated and moisturize your skin well. If it still continues you can show to your doctor.Hope it helps.
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This may or may not be normal.  Without photos, and information about the specific location, it is difficult to answer.  I would see your treating specialist as soon as possible in the next 2-3 days to be evaluated.

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Healing After Facial Dermabrasion

You do not state in your question what anatomic area was being treated, nor what problem was being addressed by dermabrasion.  Dermabrasion can be carried to different depths, and there is also significant variation in the quality of different patients' tissues, and their intrinsic ability to heal these wounds.  Thus, the time course we give patients for healing after dermabrasion is more of a rough estimate, rather than a precise prediction of when they will be completely healed.  

In your case, I would say the small wound you describe should not raise any concern in your mind. Application of vaseline, or a similar petroleum jelly product, is an appropriate way to treat it.  Try to limit exposure of this area to the sun, and be careful not to let it dry out as it is healing.  Provided you eat a healthy diet, are not diabetic, are not a heavy smoker, and have no significant underlying medical problems, I don't foresee you having any difficulties healing this small wound.

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