My breasts have a gap between them when not wearing bra. Nipples are too high and constantly hard. Need bigger implants? (Photo)

8 months post op, nipples hard. They look awesome when wearing bra, but still dont even touch together with pushup bra. When not wearing bra, they are so far apart an nipples are too high to go without wearing one, no cleavage when bra isnt on. All the volume is on the bottom. The scar is almost in the middle of my breast, not in the crease. Do I need to go bigger or different profile? Too large of a gap between breasts. 535 ultra high profile, under the muscle. 4'11 tall 115 lbs

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Gap between breasts after implants

While I agree we do need to see pictures without the bra to make full comments! I think it is important to point out that your breasts cannot be any closer together in the bra.  You don't want to have a uni-boob and that's what will happen if you try to get the pockets closer medially.  That being said, cleavage really is a function of a bra. If you check any plastic surgeons site, breasts seen from the front without a bra do not touch.  Now, from your description, it sounds like the implants have indeed "bottomed out" and with that they may be sitting in a pocket that is not only too low but too far out under your arm.  If that is the case, then tightening that pocket lateral and inferior would really help, but again we need to see the naked pictures to know for sure.

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The issue here is education. Breasts were never meant to touch and there is no breast tissue in that area of the body to start, there is no way that implants should touch or be so big as to be in a place there is no breast tissue. If you think you are stretched out laterally or underneath see your doc to talk options!

Ryan Neinstein, MD, FRCSC
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Breast Gap?

Dear nicole 1989, Thank you for your question and photos. However, the photos we need to see would be without your bra. A photo straight on and from the side would be helpful. It sounds like your implants may have bottomed out from your description. The space between your breasts looks appropriate based on the photos in the bra. Please send new photos for more information. Good luck. #Dr. Gervais.

Douglas L. Gervais, MD
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Cleavage and high nipples

Dear Nicole,

It is difficult to comment based on the photos that you posted.  You may consider re-posting your question with photos without a bra, straight on with your arms down, from the front, a quarter turn to the side and turned to the side like the before and after photos many surgeons post. That will help us make more accurate comments on your particular case.   Your implants look as close as you are ever going to be able to get them, as your pocket looks pretty close together in the middle, any closer in middle and you will have symmastia. It sounds like your implants have bottomed out, but again, without photos or an exam it is impossible to tell. 

Luis H. Macias, MD, FACS
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