Can SmartLipo Tighten the Upper Arms?

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SmartLipo has a finer contour capability

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Today, many people, both men and women, have problems with flabby arms. Smart Lipo is more precise than conventional liposuction and has a finer contour capability, suitable for small areas such as the neck and arms and allows tightening at the same time as recontouring.

Smart Lipo is best used as an adjunct with other forms of liposuction because it allows for better contour and tissue tightening than just one method alone. An ideal candidate for smart lipo is typically in good physical health with one or more areas of local body fat deposits.

Smart Lipo uses thermal energy to liquefy fat and help tissue tightening. It is best used for tissue contouring rather than removal of large volumes of fat. The use of Smart Lipo is thought to improve tissue tightening with less bruising and quicker recovery. Liposuction in general is an outpatient procedure and people usually return to work in a matter of days.

New York Plastic Surgeon
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Skin tightening with smartlipo

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The amount of skin tightening experienced through smartlipo varies but generally I have found it to be from 15% to 40%. As a result, you may not achieve the amount of skin tightening you'd like for your "batwings".

Yes, but it depends on the extent of the laxity

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Smart Lipo can definitely tighten skin, but not if "bat wings" are present. Excess skin of the upper arm can be removed via the axilla or armpit; if required, skin can be removed from the armpit to the elbow. Finally, a combination of liposuction, Smart Lipo and skin resection can all be performed simultaneously as indicated.

Alexander M. Guba, MD
Huntersville Plastic Surgeon

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Smart Lipo for Upper Arms

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The upper arm area is a very common problem. Smart Lipo will not only liquefy the fat, it’ll also help tighten the skin with less bruising and quicker recovery. Most patients usually return to work in a few days.

Bruce E. Katz, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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